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How To Increase The Value Of Your Apartment Building


Apartment building and tips to increase its valueAn apartment complex is a business investment. You expect your property to increase in value over time, thanks to a generally rising real estate market. (And despite the significant fluctuations we’ve seen here in California.) But you also expect to make an ongoing profit through rental income. Why leave things to chance?

There are many steps you can take to increase your return on investment now as well as long-term. In fact, there is one single thing you can do that will increase your apartment building’s value in multiple ways. Install artificial grass.

What can artificial grass do for you?


It’s obvious to even the most casual observer that a beautiful lawn increases the aesthetic value of your apartment building. Lush, inviting grass shows beautifully, making a first impression that enables your property to stand out from the competition. Unlike natural grass, it makes the same gorgeous statement every day, year in and year out.

When your ground looks well-cared-for, it suggests you are a good landlord in other ways as well. That gets prospective tenants in the door.

Boost Tenant Retention

Beautiful landscaping not only looks promising to prospects, it gives tenants an ongoing source of pride. Who’d want to move when they live in such a nice place, with such a nice view out the windows? Eliminating tenant churn can give a nice lift to your bottom line as well as your building’s reputation.

Redirect Your Budget

Maintaining artificial grass is easy and fast. You can do away with mowers and the rest of your arsenal of lawn care equipment, not to mention the labor and all those expensive and potentially harmful chemicals required to keep natural grass green and presentable. You can save a bundle on your water bill. That gives you more resources to devote to other upgrades, indoors or around the property. That will increase your building’s rental appeal and resale value. Like what?

Any or all of these amenities can offer a significant sales advantage:

  • A children’s playground, with soft, pretty – and safer – artificial grass underfoot.
  • A canine play area. Tenants love your pet-friendly policy, and designating a place for dogs to play and go potty will keep your property in tip-top condition. Fake grass is durable enough for even rambunctious dogs, and it’s quick and easy to clean.
  • A putting green or bocce ball court. You can custom-design these popular amenities to fit your space, and with artificial grass you can even install them indoors.

Tenants will be especially glad to know they can use your grassy amenities with confidence. Artificial grass is safer and healthier for people and pets than natural grass. No toxic ingredients in the turf itself, no pollen to trigger allergies.

Increase Ongoing Revenue

A nicer property is worth more to tenants, just as it is worth more to you as the owner. By installing artificial turf for landscaping and to add popular amenities, you can charge premium rent.

Artificial grass is a tangible asset that enhances the aesthetics, livability, and investment value of your apartment building. If you choose a superior product that is designed for your intended purpose. That can feel daunting, given the number of different styles of artificial grass available. No worries, though, because we’re here to help.

Our Heavenly Greens experts have the knowledge and experience to help you explore the options and choose top-performing artificial grass to match your property and your visual and financial goals.

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