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What You Need To Know About Lawncare With Artificial Grass


What To Know about LawncareLawncare with artificial grass? There isn’t any! OK, that’s not quite true, but the amount of time and effort you have to devote to maintaining your artificial grass is miniscule compared to what you’d spend on a natural grass lawn.

An endless cycle of tasks

With live grass, it seems every season brings its own workload. Spring clean-up, when you have to repair winter damage, reseed, and fertilize your awakening grass. Summer, with its endless mowing and trimming, raking, application of pesticides and more fertilizer, plus additional repairs to areas damaged by your dog or general wear and tear. Fall, when it’s time to prepare your lawn for another winter, with final repairs and, yes, more fertilizer.


Even with all that, most of us don’t get the result we want – a reliably pretty and highly functional lawn.


What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s missing artificial grass. Replacing your needy natural lawn with modern fake grass is simply smarter. You’ll have a perfectly lovely lawn, no matter the season. A lawn you can actually use, no matter the season –­ without creating more housework to clean up muddy paw and footprints.


Lawncare with artificial grass is a breeze. It may not be zero, but all it requires is a little common-sense attention from time to time. Here at Heavenly Greens, we recommend that you:

  • Pick up debris, whether it’s man-made, dog-made, or a twiggy contribution from Mother Nature
  • Use a leaf blower to remove dry leaves, pine needles, or other lightweight dry debris
  • Rinse away spills and pet urine as they occur (it’s quick and easy, since fake grass drains so quickly)
  • Periodically use your hose to rinse off summer dust
  • Use a stiff natural bristle brush or broom to re-fluff high-traffic areas as needed


Artificial grass naturally fends off bugs and critters that can do untold aesthetic and physical damage to a natural lawn. So you can say goodbye to those annoying gophers, moles, etc., too.


Lawncare with artificial grass is also cheaper. Much cheaper. Most property owners, especially homeowners, don’t think about the cost of maintaining their grass. Oh, we’re plenty aware of the cost of water now, but there are so many other costs related to natural grass, both obvious and hidden. 


Really big lawn?

One of the many advantages of artificial grass is that you can install it anywhere – sun, shade, near the pool – in any size and configuration you like. No worries about chlorinated water splashes, mowing weirdly shaped areas, or the sheer magnitude of lawncare work to be done. So if you’ve always dreamed of a really big lawn, no sweat. And we mean that literally.


You can trade in your no-fun mower for a tool that will really earn its keep around your property – a power broom. This handy machine is just the ticket for keeping your big expanse of fake grass clean and fluffy. And it’s multi-talented, so you can switch out attachments to sweep your driveway, etc. Your neighbors may be even more jealous of your power broom than they are of your gorgeous fake lawn.


Lawncare with artificial grass may not be entirely effortless, but it’s close. So – oh, darn – you’ll simply have to get your exercise in some other way. Playing instead of wrestling with your mower and toting bales of clippings.


So who’s ready for a game of touch football? Or bocce ball?

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