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New Year Resolution: Reclaim Your Weekends, Get Artificial Grass


lush green artificial grass and how installing it can help you achieve your 2019 new year's resolution to reclaim your weekendsOn the fence about whether you should join a gym to get in shape this year? Like most of us, you’re probably ready to admit that more exercise would do you a world of good. But, maybe the thought of donning your workout outfit and heading off to the fitness center seems like more of a punishing slog than an invigorating way to buff up. We hear you!

We Have a Better Idea: Resolve to Get Artificial Grass, Instead

Say, what? You read that right. This year you can resolve to reclaim your freedom to exercise however and wherever you want. And you can keep that resolution by replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial turf. The more you consider this idea, the more we know you’re going to love it. By getting rid of that natural grass, you get rid of the endless rounds of lawn maintenance that eat up your weekends. Erase all that from your to-do list, and your weekends just opened up.

This Is No Way to Live

Perhaps you justified all those wasted hours you spent on futile lawn maintenance as “good exercise.” Uh, huh. Did you feel better-toned after each weekend session? No, you did not. You felt exhausted. And jealous of your friends who were off doing something they actually enjoyed. And, thanks to your grass allergy, you felt all stuffed-up, too. If only the weekend would end, so you could get back to the office, where there is no grass to mow and no pollen to suffocate you. . . .

Even more depressing, for all that work and devotion you show your natural grass lawn, does it return the love? No, it does not. It’s going to look just as sketchy in 2019 as it has every year before. Not quite green, no matter what you feed it. Not quite even, thanks to holes (thanks, Fido) and sunken depressions. Scraggly bare spots. Or yellow patches (thanks, again, Fido). What part of this makes sense?

Make 2019 the year you wake up from this bad dream, by switching to artificial grass.

Resolve to Live Like This Instead!

With fake grass, you can stop pretending you’re exercising and get some actual exercise instead. You can finally do all the things you love but had to forego because, for yet another weekend, you were stuck behind the mower. Just imagine yourself:

  • Golfing (or sharpening your short game and drive swing on your new backyard putting green)
  • Hiking
  • Beachcombing
  • Bicycling (or cruising on your Harley)
  • Teaching your dog to become the next World Flyball Champ (or simply return the ball so you can play fetch)
  • Teaching your toddler to tumble, or playing team sports with the older kids
  • Summer parties
  • Whatever else you’d rather be doing

By the way, did you notice how many of these purely pleasant activities happen on your grass as opposed to away from home? Artificial turf is not only almost maintenance-free, it is always in peak condition. Lush, uniform, pretty. And pretty inviting – ready for whatever exercise you and the kids, the dog, and the neighbors have in mind.

When you’re all tuckered out, you can lie down on that soft, fluffy surface and take a snooze. Artificial grass contains no toxic materials to leach chemicals, and of course it’s pollen-free. It inhibits growth of mold and mildew, too, because it dries quickly rather than retaining moisture. You can nap comfortably and confidently, safe in the knowledge that you won’t wake with sinus problems or watery eyes.

You’ll be all rested-up and ready to play next weekend’s exercise adventure. All because you made the smartest possible New Year Resolution and got artificial grass.

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