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Planning a Summer Party with The Kids

kids summer party tug of war

Summer parties are a great way to spend quality time with the family, friends, and neighbors. Kids can play an active role in organizing your parties, with roles according to age. They learn how to plan, they learn responsibility, and they get a chance to explore their creative side. You get some help and a different perspective on what makes a good party.

Make Sure Your Lawn Is Party-Ready

If you have a natural grass lawn, you’ll have to set aside a few hours to mow, trim, weed, fill in any holes or bare spots, and then water well so the surface looks full, fresh, and tidy. Do this close enough to the party date so the grass still looks good for the Big Day. But leave enough time for the grass to dry, so it’s not soggy or muddy for your party. And be sure to rake up any clippings your mower missed, so they don’t become a messy nuisance. 

You can skip all that if you have an artificial grass lawn. A quick once-over to pick up any random debris and then a light brushing or sweeping will ensure the grass is fluffy and inviting for the party. If it’s hot and dry, a quick spray with the hose will rinse away residual dust. These are perfect jobs for the kids. Not only is your artificial grass faster and easier to prep for parties, it is a cleaner and safer surface for kids than natural grass.

If the party is a major special occasion, you can make sure your artificial grass is absolutely perfect down to the last blade by scheduling a tune-up visit from our Heavenly Greens maintenance pros.

Choose a Theme

This is easy, because any excuse to throw a party is a good one. You can celebrate a special occasion – graduation, birthday, wedding or baby shower, anniversary – or simply celebrate your good luck to live where summer weather is so congenial that backyard parties are a regular occurrence. If you want a formal theme, let the kids help choose (especially if it’s one of their birthdays).

Decorate the Area

Children can decorate the table and help hang decorations around the yard. Pair little ones with an adult or a teenager to work together to keep things moving along and reduce risk of “oops” accidents. Kids who are given responsibility when it comes to planning and prepping the party not only appreciate the effort that goes into it, the preparation process can be just as much fun as the party itself.

Keep the Kids Busy with Games

Not to say adults don’t love games, but when the grown-ups want to relax or chat, games keep the kids occupied and help them burn off extra energy. Some tried-and-true fun ideas you can consider include:

  • Limbo and all the usual lawn games.
  • Water balloon or sponge bomb No matter how wet things get, you can be sure your artificial grass will drain that water away, right away, and dry quickly when the game is over, ready for the next lawn game. And, by the way, since artificial grass isn’t slippery when it’s wet, you won’t have to worry about kids slipping and getting hurt.
  • A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt, with age-appropriate clues.

And, finally, what goes perfectly with every type of summer party? Frozen treats to help everyone chill out. It’s easy to make everything from ice cream to popsicles, simple to fancy. And for the adults, frozen tiramisu pie. You’d probably like a piece of that right now, wouldn’t you? Indulge yourself! It’s not like your artificial grass requires any time-consuming post-party cleanup.

Host Fabulous Parties This Summer On Your New Artificial Turf

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