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Questions You Should Ask Before Getting An Artificial Lawn


Questions You Should Ask Before Getting an Artificial Lawn http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/questions-to-ask-before-getting-artificial-lawn @heavenlygreensWith the continued drought in many areas of the country and the lack of time to care for natural grass, an artificial lawn is beginning to look better and better to homeowners. With no need to water on a regular basis and minimal time for proper care and maintenance, the decision to convert to an artificial lawn is getting easier by the day.




What Type of Guarantee Does Artificial Turf Carry?

Most artificial turf companies offer a guarantees and warranties that make the purchase of their product worthwhile. They back up the claims that their product will not stain, discolor or lighten no matter what conditions it is placed under. Others offer guarantees that the fabric will on tear, rip or wear excessively for a specific amount of years.


How Will Artificial Turf Work On An Oddly Shaped Lawn?

Artificial turf is great for any shaped lawn. The fabric is cut to fit the exact size and shape of the property. If landscaping is present, the turf can be cut to butt right up against it, leaving no unsightly edge or seams where they can be visible to the eye. Artificial turf can be placed in hard to reach areas where lawnmowers and trimmers didn't have access making it easier to keep the lawn looking its best, even in the tightest corners.


Why Is Artificial Turf So Expensive?

Artificial lawns are an investment. The materials and installation techniques can add up in price, but when the total amount is divided up over the number of years it is expected to remain in place, the price becomes much more reasonable. Add to that the amount of money that will be saved when you no longer have to maintain lawnmowers and trimmers or by gas, oil and chemicals that are needed to keep the lawn looking green and vibrant.


Where Does the Water Go When It Rains?

An artificial lawn has an intricate drainage system built in to funnel water away and guide it away from the property. The mesh, fabric backing is designed to let water flow right through it. Once it has passed the backing it leaches down until it reaches the drainage system. The water is then allowed to flow away from the property naturally.


Can I Use Artificial Turf Around My Pool?

Artificial turf is ideal for use around swimming pools and hot tubs. Even when it is wet, it will not cause a slip and fall hazard like smooth cement or pavers. The grassy texture of the turf will also help to keep feet clean as people get in and out of the water. 


How Much Time Each Week Will I Spend on Maintenance?

With an artificial turf lawn the amount of time you spend on maintenance will be cut by over 90%. While you will still want to walk the property and remove any loose debris like leaves or sticks, you won't have to worry about mowing, trimming or collecting the grass trimmings each week. The hardest job you will have to do is picking up your pet's waste and rinsing off areas where they tend to do their business most often.


Will My Pets Damage My New Artificial Lawn?

Artificial turf is designed to withstand harsh chemicals, this includes anything your pet may decide to throw its way. The fabric used to make the artificial grass and the fabric base is colorfast and stain resistant. As long as you rinse your pet's favorite spots once a week or so, you will be able to control odors and keep the area looking nice and fresh.


If you have questions about artificial turf, call your local landscape company and find the answers. It may be the best investment you have ever made in your home.

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