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Serious Golfer? Get Your Own Putting Green

Serious-Golfer-Get-Your-Own-Putting-Green-BlogWouldn’t you rather have your own outing green? Sure, it can be fun to visit with the guys (or gals) when you head to the club or driving range to get in some short game practice. But, if you’re a serious golfer, you go there to sharpen your skills so you can cut strokes. It takes concentration, not conversation, to do that.

With your own putting green, you can have the space, and the quiet time, all to yourself.

You can practice as long as you want, without ever getting in someone else’s way. You can also sneak in a few putts before work or in the evenings when you’re winding down after your work day. You can’t do that if you have to load your clubs and yourself into the car and drive to wherever the practice greens are available. Saving time means more time to practice. Or, it means you have time to practice plus more time to spend with the kids.

Short on space?

Just because your property is limited in size or strangely shaped doesn’t mean you can’t have a backyard putting green. Our design pros can help you create an inviting, challenging space that fits, complete with custom breaks and elevations. A putting green that will make you work hard enough to improve and add an eye-catching new element to your overall landscaping.

We can even help you create a pro-quality indoor putting green.

Pro quality grass? Of course!

If you’re a serious golfer you can’t be practicing on just any turf. You need the real deal, and our Heavenly Greens synthetic golf turf is just the thing – engineered to look and perform like professional golf course aprons and greens. Realistic looking, realistic roll. Weather-proof in any season, and virtually maintenance-free.

Pro style amenities? Of course!

Your backyard putting green can be so much more than a grassy space with cups.

  • You can add fringe, to practice chip shots as well as putting. (Yes, we have an artificial grass just for that.)
  • You can add a tee box to practice your longer game swings.
  • Or add a bunker or two. We know the sand never reaches out to grab your ball, but just in case . . . Besides, when you invite friends over to enjoy your backyard putting green, they may appreciate a little practice escaping the sand as well as greens work.

All these amenities mean serious business when it comes to honing your game. But they also add an air of country club authenticity to your putting green and your entire landscape. Nice.

Professional installation? You should expect no less!

Top quality artificial grass has a long life ahead of it. Proper installation by our in-house experienced crew ensures your surface will play at peak performance for all those years to come.

Many happy returns

A custom-designed backyard putting green is an investment in your golf game and in your home’s aesthetic and financial value. You can use it year round, whenever the mood strikes. You can teach the kids to putt and chip. You can share the wealth with your golf buddies (or leave everyone to wonder how your short game just keeps getting better and better).

If you’re serious about golf, it’s time to get serious about installing your own putting green. No need to wait. You play year round, our Heavenly Greens turf experts work year round. So give us a call and let’s talk artificial turf for serious golf.

Create an artificial putting green


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