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Should I Buy Used Artificial Turf?

Posted by Troy Scott on 02 February

Should I Buy Used Artificial Turf? http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/should-i-buy-used-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensHomeowners who like the look and feel of artificial turf can save money on smaller jobs by purchasing used artificial turf. While new turf is preferable for large jobs like replacing entire natural grass lawns, used artificial turf is a practical choice for areas like dog/pet runs, landscaped areas and paths or walkways. Used artificial turf is also an option for individuals who live in apartments and want to add a little green to their patio or balcony.


Depending on how long the artificial turf was in place at its previous location, its overall quality may still be high enough to withstand several years of constant use. The quality of the turf will also depend on how carefully it was removed. If it was professionally removed or removed with the intent for it to be reused, it should be in good enough condition to handle different types of use. The main areas where wear and tear will present themselves is in high traffic areas or where it was secured to the ground. A close look at the interwoven mesh and the blades of grass in various areas will determine the overall quality of the turf and what it can eventually be used for.

Cost Effectiveness

Used artificial turf is extremely cost effective if you are trying to improve small areas of your lawn or are trying to add accents to patios and decks. If you are doing a larger yard, it would be more beneficial to stick with new artificial turf. Using previously installed artificial turf in a larger yard could present problems due to wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Installing used artificial turf in a dog or pet area is much more cost effective than installing new. Odd shapes and sizes of used artificial turf can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. The quality of the turf will affect the overall cost, but for the most part will last for several years considering the type of activity it will experience.

Different Uses

There are several different uses for which used artificial turf is ideal. Paths and walk ways require narrow strips or sections of various shapes and sizes. It is much easier to find smaller sizes of used artificial turf at a reasonable price than to buy large sections of new turf at a much higher price. Used artificial turf can also be cut into small enough strips to cover stairs or steps making them slip-resistant. If they are outside, it will also prevent them from becoming icy during the winter months.

Individuals who have smaller yards can find pieces of used turf that are capable of lasting several years for a fraction of what it would cost to have new installed. For homeowners who have little to no yard to speak of, adding used artificial turf is an inexpensive way to add some green to their landscape. Stepping areas and small paths can be created within large landscaped areas to not only add a touch of color, but to make areas deep within the garden easily accessible without disturbing other plants or decorations.

When weighing the pros and cons between new and used artificial turf, the main element is usually price. If a homeowner can find a high quality piece of used turf at a very reasonable price, it may well be worth the risk of purchasing it in place of new. The price of the turf as well as how much is needed are always determining factors. When long term satisfaction is desired for larger areas, however, buying new is always the best option.

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