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Summer’s End Party Ideas? Your Artificial Grass Can Take it


Family enjoying  summer's end on their artificial grassLots of people think of Labor Day as the official end of summer, even though the calendar says otherwise. After all, the kids are back in school and your garden is starting to wind down a bit. But let’s not be too hasty here – there are still warm weekends ahead that just beg for yet one more yard party. So what if your lawn has hosted parties all summer? Your artificial grass lawn can take it!

It’s time for a not-so-summery theme

Certainly no one is ready to think about Halloween just yet. Nonetheless, a fall theme might be just the thing for your late summer celebration. Or you could do a seasonal segue by repeating your best ideas from this summer and adding a fall-inspired twist or two. Keep it simple and totally relaxed, make it ultra-elaborate, or hit whatever happy medium suits your family and friends.

Games keep the kids occupied

Touch football is in season now, but old-fashioned lawn games are always fun, especially for the little ones. And there’s always pool time or a water slide on the grass if weather is warm enough. No worries about tramping down your artificial grass or damaging it with pool chemicals.  

As it gets dark, lay on the grass and see who can spot the first star – or identify the most constellations. Ummm, artificial grass is so soft, and it doesn’t get damp as nighttime takes over. No need for cushions here.

Food fuels the fun

What’s tasty this time of year?

  • Grilled burgers or steaks (as always, keep the grill station away from your artificial grass)
  • Roasted fresh corn on the cob with herb butter
  • Hot potato leek casserole instead of mid-summer potato salad
  • A hearty stew or bouillabaisse made with scrumptious, local seafood bounty
  • A big salad made with the last of your veggie garden harvest
  • Skewers of roasted late summer veggies (or roast them ahead of time and toss them with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil for a beautifully delicious seasonal salad)
  • Roasted marshmallows – or DIY s’mores, with upgraded fixin’s
  • Apples and pears – the signature fruit of summer’s end! Why not feature one or both, in freshly made chutneys, gingered pear tart, traditional apple crisp or grilled pears with goat cheese?

Set up a hot cocoa bar, or serve hot spiced cider and mulled wine.

The weather is changing

No chance of rain? Arrange tables and chairs out on the lawn, reserving your patio for the buffet and bar. But just in case, have a Plan B – patio umbrellas or awnings, or put up a tent on your patio (no stakes in your faux grass, please).

Don’t forget to light up the fire pit to fend off the cool of the evening. And remind guests to bring a sweater or jacket. Or hand out snuggly scarves in your favorite football team’s colors (as long as it’s the 49’ers or the Raiders!)

If only you could play bocce

The summer sped by and you never got around to building that backyard putting green or bocce ball court you’ve been talking about! Good to know that installing artificial grass never goes out of season – we can do it virtually any time of year. So fall is the perfect time to get with our design experts to plan and install your custom backyard project.

By the time spring rolls in, your yard will be as play-ready as you are. You can schedule a putt-off for your very first yard party of 2019. Now there’s an idea!

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