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What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 September


What Are The Benefits Of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/synthetic-grass-tennis-courts-benefits @heavenlygreensSynthetic grass tennis courts are becoming more and more popular, both with homeowners as well as with athletic fields and recreational venues. Homeowners want courts that are easy to care for but also ones that are as natural as possible to make play similar to grass. Recreational venues normally opt for synthetic grass because of its convenience and cost. It is extremely attractive financially when compared to the cost and maintenance of natural grass tennis courts. Synthetic grass tennis courts have several advantages compared to their natural grass counterparts. Learn about them below.

Consistent Surface Texture


With synthetic grass, there is no change in pile height or thickness. The surface texture is consistent, no matter how often it is used or how extreme the weather conditions become. The texture of the grass used on a tennis court is extremely important due to the amount of movement on behalf of both the player and the ball. Being able to count the texture of a court being the same at all levels of play is extremely important, especially when a player is trying to avoid injuries and improve the quality of their game.

Uniform Bounce and Ball Play


Because tennis relies on how well a ball plays on a particular surface, it is important that the texture of the playing field is uniform and consistent. Players count on how the ball will bounce after each shot. This allows them to plan their strategy and prepare for each consecutive shot. Maintaining sufficient ball control allows the players to keep the ball in play for longer periods of time. This not only makes the game more interesting, but also helps to increase a player's overall skill level and performance.

Lines Won't Fade or Smear


One benefit that synthetic grass tennis courts have is the turf and the lines that mark the playing field will not fade, smear or shift in any way during play. Synthetic turf is designed to hold its cover in spite of vigorous use or exposure to sunlight for long periods of time. The white lines that mark normal playing areas are applied either through paint or powder and will fade, smear or wear off on natural grass. Because many calls rely on how definitive the lines of the playing field are, making sure they remain intact through each game is of vital importance.

Won't Show Signs of Wear and Tear


Tennis players constantly stop, pivot and drive with exacting precision. This can weaken natural grass, causing the sod to slip and the grass to eventually wear away. Over time, imperfections in the surface of the court can lead to a player tripping or twisting an ankle. Synthetic grass tennis courts are more resilient and will not show normal signs of wear and tear that are commonly seen on grass courts. No bare soil will show through, nor will the grass begin to wear thin or begin to die off in spots.

Synthetic grass tennis courts are basically maintenance free. Although there will be times when the blades need to be brushed up and the infill re-touched, the general forms of maintenance associated with natural grass will be things of the past. Once the turf has been installed and the area of play outlined and sufficiently prepared, play can begin at any time. Synthetic turf can be used both indoors and out. It goes without saying that the cost of the turf will be well worth the investment and will actually increase the value of the property. Making the choice to install synthetic turf on your tennis court is an easy one. Talk with us about what type of turf is best for your area. We can answer all of your questions and help you make the right decision.

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