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Artificial Turf Articles

Round Up of the Best Dog and Cat Runs For Your Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 23 May


It’s not cool, or even safe, to let your pets run loose all over the neighborhood. But they don’t want to stay inside all day, day after day, either. So loving dog and cat owners look for creative, functional ways to keep their dear ones corralled in the yard. Even if your property is fenced, adding some kind of space just for your pet can make their time outdoors more enjoyable. Especially when it includes artificial grass.

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How To Get Your Dog Exercise In The Rainy Weather

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 January


Here in the Bay Area, we are lucky to enjoy weather that is the essence of “sunny California.” Most of the time, anyway. When the weather is lovely, it begs us to head outdoors for some exercise with our family, and the family dog. But when the weather turns rainy ­– as it does in normal winters – outdoor activities aren’t so attractive.

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What is Pet Friendly Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 August


Pet friendly artificial grass is the nickname given to the type of artificial turf that is often used in kennels and dog runs. It has a medium pile length of approximately two inches and looks and feels similar to that of natural grass. Manufacturers often recommend a sand or sand/mix infill to secure the blades and protect the delicate mesh, base fabric. Over time, a portion of the sand infill may be lost due to wind, digging or general wear and tear. Replacement infill may need to be added.

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Why You Should Consider Artificial Dog Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 August


Homeowners are beginning to look at artificial dog grass to save their lawns. Not only does severe drought conditions have a dramatic impact on a natural grass lawn, but pets can also cause substantial amounts of damage. The key is converting their natural grass lawn to artificial turf and creating a pet area that is surfaced with artificial dog grass. The results are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Why Artificial Grass And Dogs Are The Perfect Mix

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 August


Homeowners are finding that artificial grass and dogs make quite a pair. Dogs love to spend time outside. It doesn't matter if they have a human with them or not. They will always find something to do. For homeowners with natural grass lawns, this can mean torn up grass, holes in the yard and a variety of other pet-related problems that can become quite costly over time. One of the best ways to keep the dog happy and prevent them from destroying a lawn is to build a dog run. Dog runs are large enough for the animal to play and have a good time and durable enough to not be damaged by the animal's curiosity and playfulness.

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Won't My Dog Miss Eating Grass? Artificial Grass for Dogs

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 March

The ancestors of your dog ate a wide range of foods, including plants and berries. While they no longer need the nutritional support from various plants, they still revert to eating grass when they are experiencing some sort of digestive distress or stomach upset. Nobody knows for sure exactly why a dog goes immediately to grass when having stomach issues, but there is plenty of speculation. Homeowners who choose to install artificial grass for dogs, don't need to worry that their pets will miss out on the advantages or the desire to eat or chew on natural grass.

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