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Artificial Turf Articles

Aeration Nation– And How to Avoid Aerating Your Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 May

Has the aeration guy come knocking on your door yet this spring? If he hasn’t yet, it will probably happen soon! And when he comes, a savvy lawn owner should consider taking advantage of his services. The best time to aerate warm season lawns like bermudagrass and zoysiagrass is June and July. The best time for cool season lawns like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass is in late summer and early fall. 

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits, drainage, aeration

Camping in Your Backyard and Other Summer Activities With a Synthetic Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 06 April

Let’s discuss the Experience of Getting Close to Artificial Grass and examine several scenarios where you’re getting down and dirty with your lawn, and get up close and personal with Heavenly Greens artificial turf. 

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, artificial grass, green grass, Heavenly Greens, Landscaping, benefits, drainage, environmental benefits, durability, Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Don't Let Rainy Days Interrupt Sports Games – Try Synthetic Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 23 March

While athletes on the sports field certainly take their fair share of beatings, it could be argued that is the sports field itself that truly takes the brunt of the battle. Take football. Athletes pushing well over 200 pounds, all wearing equipment that weighs 13 pounds each, dig their cleats into the beautiful, manicured green turf, racing around and pounding each other into the ground. Think delicate grass could stand this kind of wear and tear? Not a chance.

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Topics: Silicon Valley, Commercial Synthetic Turf, synthetic turf, drainage, durability

Come see our Turf in Action, at the Bay Area Pet Expo!

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 February

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, artificial grass, Heavenly Greens, drainage, grass for pets

Turf vs. Real Grass: Facing the Changing Seasons in California

Posted by Troy Scott on 23 January

Did you ever wish your lawn didn’t die off during the winter frost or turn to mud during the spring rains? Well, those are problems artificial grass can solve! Unlike real grass, artificial turf looks green and healthy through all seasons and weather conditions. Synthetic grass is a lot tougher than real grass and doesn’t freeze during the winter. You’d never have to worry about your grass turning brown or dying off in patches again.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, synthetic turf, artificial grass, drainage

How Fake Lawns Have Changed Since Their Advent

Posted by Troy Scott on 30 November

In recent years, people are switching to fake grass for economical and environmental reasons. There have been turf wars debating about the use of artificial grass, but more people are becoming open to install it for their backyard. As it was first debuted on football fields of the 1960s, critics are learning the benefits and having it as their backyard solution. Today, homeowners’ associations, schools and other organizations have realized that the lifetime savings of artificial turf are worth it. So is fake grass the lawn of the future?

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Topics: synthetic turf, artificial grass, drainage, Drought Tolerant Landscaping

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