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Artificial Turf Articles

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 June



Switching to an artificial grass lawn is the environmentally responsible thing to do. It’s the best solution for your outdoor living environment. It’s eco-friendly for flora and fauna (and your own kids and pets). It upgrades your personal environment with time and money savings. And installing artificial grass even reduces your carbon footprint.

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Topics: artificial grass, Environmentally Friendly, environmental benefits

4 Myths About Artificial Turf and The Environment

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 May


Nothing is more frustrating to those of us in the artificial grass industry than the myths about artificial turf that persist in spite of a multitude of scientific studies and other evidence. When it comes to artificial grass and the environment, the facts show that fake grass is actually more eco-friendly than natural grass, in multiple ways.

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Topics: artificial grass, Environmentally Friendly, environmental benefits, Artificial Turf Grass, Artificial lawn

Artificial Grass Is Good For The Environment

Posted by Troy Scott on 02 May


By now every person in California knows what environmental conditions can do to their lawn. Drought is a killer, literally. But how many of us think about what our lawn is doing to the environment?

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits, artificial grass, environmental benefits

4 Ways Artificial Grass Helps The Environment

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 December


Does artificial grass really help our environment? Indeed, it does. In multiple ways, actually, because “environment” has multiple meanings.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits, environmental benefits

How Artificial Turf Helps The Environment

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 March


We, Northern Californians, are a pretty green lot. We have a reputation for leading the way, when it comes to sustainable practices and protecting the environment. That’s one reason artificial turf has become the go-to alternative for residential and commercial landscapes – it’s better-looking, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly.

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Topics: Artificial Grass Benefits, environmental benefits

See How The Hero Program In California Is Saving The State

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 January

California residents, as well as citizens from across the country are trying to do everything possible to save our nation's natural resources. That includes purchasing appliances and other products that are designed to save energy. The problem with many these products are there expense. Many people can not afford these high price items, which is why the hero program is here to help. The goal is to save energy, water and fuel resources and to use what we produce wisely.

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Topics: environmental benefits

Is Artificial Turf a Foe or Friend of the Environment?

Posted by Troy Scott on 04 December

Since its introduction, environmental advocates have been concerned with how artificial turf would affect the area in which it was used. Not only were they worried about the materials used to manufacture it, they also wondered whether or not toxic components would be released into the air and soil due to exposure to the elements. Over the past few decades, artificial turf has proven to be quite safe for the environment. In fact, its benefits far outweigh any negative aspects that may be noted.

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Topics: environmental benefits

San Francisco Moves towards Artificial Turf Soccer Fields

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 July

As more and more municipalities look towards artificial turf as a viable money saving investment and significant annual water savings – the adoption rate among state and local agencies continues to grow. San Francisco just moved a one step closer…  

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Topics: Commercial Synthetic Turf, artificial grass, Synthetic Grass Installation, environmental benefits

What’s So “Heavenly” About Heavenly Greens?

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 June

We’ve got a very evocative name, if you haven’t noticed. Heavenly. We’re not just “Pretty Greens”. We’re not “Really Green Greens”. We are Heavenly Greens.

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Topics: artificial turf, Heavenly Greens, best artificial grass, environmental benefits

Environmentally Friendly Artificial Turf Lawns in Northern California

Posted by Troy Scott on 01 June

As any California dweller knows, our lovely state tends to have an incredibly arid climate. Much of the area surrounding San Francisco is naturally high desert-like. Rainfall occurs for only half of the year, and we can expect the long summer months to bring us sunshine and drought. Hills that were a fresh green during late winter and early spring turn golden brown in the summer. Hiking and biking trails crumble to a sandy dust, and, towards the end of summer, the occasional tumbleweed can be seen making its lazy way across streets and sidewalks.

Though our region is not naturally filled with green grass and palm trees, we homeowners work hard to ensure our yards are lush and livable—rain be darned. While the benefits of a lovely grass lawn are myriad, the costs of maintaining grass are harmful not only to your pocketbook, but to the environment as well. Read this short paragraph on yard landscaping impacts from the Public Policy Institute of California:

Landscape choices are considered key because Californians—like their neighbors in other semiarid western states—have tended to use plants more suited to humid climates. The typical California lawn, a cool-season turf grass, can require several times more water than native plants. Inefficient watering systems, such as incorrectly timed automatic sprinklers, can significantly compound the problem, creating overwatered lawns and excess water spillage. In addition to the resource costs associated with water waste, overwatering generates polluted run-off, which damages rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.
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Topics: Artificial Grass Benefits, artificial grass, environmental benefits, Drought Tolerant Landscaping

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