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Artificial Turf Articles

5 Landscape Solutions For Irregular Yards

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 September


Does your home have an irregular or oddly-shaped yard? This isn’t unusual, but it can be a puzzler for homeowners who want to create a lovely landscape. Especially when it comes to the lawn. While it might be tempting to carve off the edges of your grass to create an easy-to-mow rectangle, your yard will lose its special character.

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Topics: Landscaping Problems, Landscaping, Artificial Turf Grass

Landscaping Issues Solved with an Synthetic Grass Installation

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 July

Wouldn't you love to solve all your landscaping problems with just one action? Think about it - You could have lush, green, healthy-looking grass that contains no dead spots, brown patches or bare areas - just smooth, plush, comfortable grass.

Not only would this lawn look great, but it would require little to no maintenance. That's right - no weeding, trimming or cutting.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, synthetic turf, artificial turf, Synthetic Grass Installation, Landscaping Issues, Landscaping Problems

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