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Artificial Turf Articles

Is Lawn Fertilizer Poisonous To Your Pets?

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 July

Most homeowners strive to achieve the perfect lawn, sometimes, spending hundreds of dollars a year on costly pesticides and fertilizers to accomplish their goal. In their quest for the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, they unwittingly create a hazardous environment for both their children and their pets. The use of lawn fertilizer and herbicide compounds are the most common. 

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Impacts of Lawn Fertilizer on Water

Posted by Troy Scott on 10 June

Lawn fertilizer is used to supply grass with nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. Most of the components found in fertilizer already exists in the soil in abundant amounts. Although the amounts may vary, what the grass needs is already in place and being absorbed as it is needed. In the minds of many, more is better and the application of fertilizer to an already green lawn is a necessity if you want your lawn to remain green and growing for any length of time. This type of thinking has its drawbacks, however.

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Topics: Lawn Fertilizer

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