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Artificial Turf Articles

El Niño Or La Niña? Either Way, Get Yourself Ready!

Posted by Troy Scott on 26 October


There’s nothing like total disagreement to keep you from making definitive plans for this winter. But that’s what we seem to have right now. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a perennial favorite for predicting long-term weather, says Northern California will be colder and wetter. The National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration, otherwise known as NOAA, says things could go either way.

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Oster Elementary School In San Jose Receives Upgrade With Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 01 November


Oster Elementary School in Cambrian Park recently completed Phase 1 of extensive renovations to their campus. The school serves the residents of Santa Clara County, California. Phase 1 of the project involved new, portable school rooms and an upgrade to the outside play areas. While the portable classrooms serve the Deaf/Hard of Hearing program at the school, the playground and other outside areas benefit the entire school.

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Why Astro Turf Filed for Bankruptcy - What's Next?

Posted by Troy Scott on 17 August


Artificial turf has been around for over six decades. It has become a mainstay for recreational parks, playgrounds, school athletic fields, commercial real estate and residential lawns. Its ability to save millions of gallons of water each year in drought stricken areas of the country has made it one of the most lucrative products in this century. So why is the most famous brand of all filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

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