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Artificial Turf Articles

Is Artificial Turf Infill Safe?

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 March

In California and other states that face severe and devastating drought conditions, artificial turf has become a saving grace. It does not require water and needs little to no maintenance. It allows homeowners to remain in compliance with both their HOA's guidelines concerning home beautification as well as city and state legislation that restricts water usage. One of the biggest concerns homeowners have, however, is the different types of artificial turf infill and whether or not they are safe for both children and pets.

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Is Artificial Turf Playground Surfacing Safe For Your Kids?

Posted by Troy Scott on 20 August

Artificial turf playground surfacing is becoming an extremely popular choice. Not only is it cost effective, it can actually help protect children from illness and injury. In areas where drought conditions are often a problem, artificial turf is basically maintenance free and requires no additional moisture to look its best.

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Get Synthetic Turf on Almost ANY Surface

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 January

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