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When Is It Time To Replace Artificial Grass?

Hg-replace-ag-blogOf all the many benefits of artificial grass, one of the most valuable is the return you can expect to get on your investment. Artificial grass can easily pay for itself in just a few short years, thanks to dramatic savings on water and all the supplies and equipment required for traditional lawn care. But that’s just the beginning.

Whether you chose synthetic turf for a sports field, a residential lawn, or simply to add year-round green to your commercial landscape, it will continue to look beautiful and function admirably long after you’ve recovered the cost. But nothing last forever, even the best artificial grass. There will come a time when you want to replace it. Exactly when that will be depends on the type and quality of the grass product you purchased, how it was installed, and how well you have treated it in the intervening years.

Your Grass Will Probably Outlive Its Warranty

You get what you pay for with artificial grass, so you can expect top quality grass to last longer (far longer) than cheaper alternatives. As with most manufactured products, you can expect to get a better warranty with a better grass, too. For example, the synthetic turf products we offer here at Heavenly Greens come with manufacturer’s warranties that range from 8 to 15 years. Once professionally installed, however, your artificial grass could well last as long as two decades.

Improper installation won’t give you the look or performance you expect. Worse, it could nullify the warranty on your artificial grass. Why invite unsightly, costly problems later on – and disappointingly short longevity -- when the whole point of replacing your natural grass with fake was to get a consistently great-looking, affordable, low-maintenance lawn?

As time goes on, taking some simple steps will prolong its lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it. “Simple” is the operative word, because fake grass requires hardly any ongoing care:

  • A periodic rinse to hose off seasonal dust or to wash away spills or pet urine.
  • A quick pick-up and rinse of any pet droppings.
  • A raking or sweep with a leaf blower to remove seasonal debris.
  • A re-fluffing of high-traffic areas with a stiff broom.

So, Why Replace Artificial Grass?

  • Are you seeing signs of wear? Even though your turf may last considerably longer, if it is more than decade old, it’s time to inspect it a little more closely. With the speed at which technology is changing, today’s artificial grass is radically improved compared to what you could buy 10 or 15 years ago.
  • Maybe you want an even more realistic look. It’s not only performance that has improved in recent years. Artificial grass now comes in more styles and even shades of green than ever and more purpose-specific formulations for sports, lawns, or backyard putting greens and bocce courts.
  • Is it time for a major remodel of your overall landscaping? That’s a perfect opportunity to consider a new size, shape, or placement for your artificial grass lawn and play areas.
  • Or perhaps it’s time to put your home on the market. Studies have shown artificial grass can boost property value as well as curb appeal – but, does your grass need a refurbish for best presentation?

Once You’ve Decided to Replace Your Grass

There are so many reasons to love artificial grass, it’s hard to imagine living without it. But if the time has come for replacement, you’ll have more choices than you ever thought possible. So give us a call. And take pride in knowing that the synthetic turf you have now can be recycled once it’s removed.

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