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Why the Best Artificial Turf Never Looks Artificial

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 February

Why the Best Artificial Turf Never Looks Artificial http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-the-best-artificial-turf-never-looks-artificial @heavenlygreensPeople who choose artificial turf for their homes and businesses do so because of its natural look. They will choose the type of turf that feels most like a natural grass lawn. Artificial turf is chosen for several reasons. Professional appearance, low maintenance and uniform look add to the beauty of synthetic turf, adding to the value of the home and the curb appeal of a business property. Appearance is everything when it comes to keeping property values high and an upscale image.

Skilled Workmanship and Quality Materials

Contractors who install artificial turf do everything they can to make sure the turf looks as natural as possible. From precision cutting to leveling and preparing the ground, contractors know how important it is to make sure each step in the installation process is performed correctly and as efficiently as possible. Manufacturers use the highest quality materials in the construction of the turf so that when it is installed, it conforms easily to the contours of the ground and can be cut and fitted to the exact boundaries of the lawn.

Proper Care

Artificial turf requires very little maintenance to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. The best brands of artificial turf maintain their natural look and feel even with excessive amounts of foot traffic. Even though artificial turf is considered to be maintenance free, there is are still a few things that home and business owners should do on a regular basis to keep them looking sharp. An occasional spraying with the garden hose will keep the turf from looking dusty or dingy. After a day of heavy play or foot traffic sweeping the area with a broom or flexible rake will help to keep blades of grass upright and fluffed up. Brushing or sweeping prevents the blades from being mashed down or matted together, and gives the grass a more natural, vibrant look and feel.


If artificial turf is installed correctly there is very little difference between how it looks compared to a natural grass lawn. It takes a trained eye to be able to tell the difference from a distance. In some cases, a person may actually have to feel the grass to determine whether or not its real or artificial. When artificial turf is installed, contractors smooth the ground as much as possible to eliminate any ridges, dips, grooves or valleys that will allow for standing water or result in a tripping hazard. They will also make precision cuts to ensure that the edges of the turf are accurate and create a perfect outline against sidewalks, patios, landscaping pavers and fences.

The turf itself and how it is installed are both key factors in how the lawn will eventually look. If a home or business owner wants their artificial lawn to be pristine and uniformly beautiful in all areas, they must choose the best turf for their purpose. How it is manufactured will play a definitive role in how well it will look once it is installed. The materials and techniques used will determine the turf's wearability, as well as its ability to withstand climate and environmental change.

Part of what makes artificial turf so appealing is its uniform appearance. While the turf will retain its look for years to come, it is important to remember that you should also devote a little time to its care. When the turf is installed, find out what the manufacture recommends when it comes to upkeep and general maintenance. A few minutes here and there throughout the year, will keep your artificial turf looking just as beautiful as its natural counterpart with much less cost and effort.residential-artificial-turf-installation-gallery

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