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What Should I Know About Zeofill

Posted by Troy Scott on 30 August


What-You-Need-To-Know-About-Zeofill.jpgArtificial turf is manufactured to provide the same basic benefits as a natural grass lawn only without all of the maintenance. Natural grass lawns require hours of time each week plus the cost of upkeep and maintenance of the equipment you use. To make the artificial turf appear as natural as possible, infill is used to stabilize and support the blades so they react like their natural counterparts. Most infills serve more than just one purpose.

What Is ZeoFill?

ZeoFill is a form of ziolite. Zeolite is a substance that is mined and normally contains small jagged rocks or pieces of quartz. ZeoFill contains zeolite, but without the small pieces of quartz. Not all zeolite is the same. Some brands have excessive amounts of quartz and may damage the delicate mesh fabric that forms the base of the artificial turf. ZeoFill that has no quartz pieces is actually quite absorbent and can help to control pet odor without blocking the small drainage holes that are put in place to let water pass easily through the turf.

Why Is Infill Needed for Artificial Turf?

Infill serves many purposes when it comes to artificial grass. First, it supports and stabilizes the blades keeping them separate as well as upright and in place. Infill also provides a slight amount of cushion that helps to absorb the shock much like soil does with natural grass. ZeoFill infill also absorbs moisture. While it retains moisture, the material does not expand to the point where it clogs the small drainage holes in the artificial turf. The ability to absorb moisture also prevents the ZeoFill from being compacted. Other types of infill can become compressed making the turf hard, similar to that of cement. ZeoFill doesn't harden and won't be compacted or hardened over time.

Why is ZeoFill Especially Useful For Homes With Pets?

Because ZeoFill readily absorbs fluids, including pet urine. ZeoFill is naturally helps to control odors and prevent odors from lingering around the lawn. ZeoFill's unique properties control odors and absorb fluids effectively. Homeowners who have pets can easily rinse the lawn once or twice a month and eliminate any residue that remains after they use the bathroom. Its resiliency makes it the perfect choice for artificial turf lawns that are constantly exposed to large volumes of foot traffic associated by children and pets. Learn more about the best infill options for pets. 

Can ZeoFill Be Used With Any Type of Artificial Turf?

ZeoFill can be used with almost any type of artificial turf. There are certain types of turf designed for specific purposes. Shorter piled turfs are best for putting greens, dog runs and play grounds. While longer pile turfs are used in many different types of lawn projects, it can also be used for decorating, landscaping features and many other types of DIY projects. ZeoFill works well for any type of situation, especially when pets are involved.

There are many types of infill. Crumb rubber, sand, sand combinations and ZeoFill are all common choices of infill. While crumb rubber is one of the cheaper forms of infill, it does little to control odor and will not reduce moisture. Sand and sand/silica combinations also do not control odor but are capable of allowing moisture to leach through. The main problem with sand and sand based combinations is that they become easily compacted. In order to maintain the turf's cushion, the infill must be raked occasionally to break up the compressed infill. Learn more about the differences between Silica Sand & Zeofill.


ZeoFill does not compress easily and allows for the free flow of moisture through the infill and down through the mesh backing of the turf. This makes it the best choice for anyone who values durability, takes pride in the look of their lawn and wants to keep odor and moisture under control.

Crumb Rubber Alternatives

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