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Artificial Turf For Croquet

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for croquet court installations at private homes, commercial sports centers, public parks and other facilities. The Heavenly Greens synthetic turf surface is smooth so croquet balls can roll smoothly without bumping and bouncing over uneven lawn or the frustrating muddy spots and divots that occur in other types of ball courts.

We can install artificial turf for croquet on most surfaces, including asphalt and concrete, with specialized padding that provides a natural, life-like surface for play.

Synthetic grass croquet courts stay clean.  

artificial-turf-for-croquet-fields-photo-1Heavenly Greens artificial grass croquet courts require only minimal maintenance. They are allergen-free, toxin-free and have a built-in weed barrier that also helps prevent bug infestations. Our superior infill and drainage system also prevents mold and grime from building up under your turf, and it prevents water from pooling on the surface.

Because fake grass sheds water more quickly and dries faster, there are more opportunities to play, even in seasons when it’s likely to rain.    

Why use artificial grass for croquet courts?

  • Smooth playing surface enhances ball roll
  • Can be installed on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Hassle-free maintenance saves time and money
  • Synthetic material acts as a barrier to weeds and insects
  • Life-like surface looks and feels natural
  • Non-toxic and allergen-free
  • Drains more quickly than real grass
  • Faster drying time allows for more play, no matter the season
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