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Artificial Turf For Tennis Courts

Synthetic Grass Tennis Court? Yes!

artificial turf for tennis courtsHeavenly Greens synthetic grass is the ideal alternative for tennis court owners who are tired of maintenance costs and repairs. Hard surface tennis courts inevitably develop structural cracks which are expensive to repair and ultimately must be replaced. Natural grass courts require constant attention.

Our artificial grass stays clean and needs little maintenance. It is an excellent choice to replace older “problem” courts or to ensure brand new tennis courts are installed with a better surface to begin with.

Quality tennis courts are uniformly smooth and playable.

Heavenly Greens synthetic grass tennis courts are allergen-free, toxin-free and have a built-in weed barrier that also helps prevent bug infestations. We install only the best products, which come with 8 to 15-year warranties. Our superior infill and drainage system allows water to drain quickly to prevent pooling on the surface, and fake grass dries faster. That reduces rain delays from hours to minutes and enables players to use the courts even when it rains.  

Heavenly Greens artificial grass is a superior choice for tennis courts at:synthetic grass tennis court

  • Public recreation areas
  • Housing development common areas
  • Commercial sports facilities
  • Rooftops
  • Private residences

Why use artificial grass on your tennis court?

  • Can be installed on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Hassle-free maintenance saves time and money
  • Beautiful surface that looks and feels natural
  • Non-toxic and allergen-free
  • Drains more quickly than real grass
  • More play, no matter the season
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