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In this research you will learn:

Quesitons on Artificial turf


What Started All The Myths Around The Safety Of Artificial Grass?

Research on Artificial Turf


What Expert Researchers Are Saying About Artificial Grass & Crumb Rubber?

Research Results Around The Correlation Between Artificial Turf and:

  • Ingestion/Inhalation
  • Dermal Contact
  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Heat

Learn about the proven science of synthetic turf safety with our eBook. As the popularity of artificial grass escalates, so has the scrutiny about its usage. Over the past couple of years, natural grass pundits have raised questions about synthetic turf’s potential negative impact on the environment.


For Recently Updated Reports:

"The Connecticut Dept. of Public Health and Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health recently issued these statements validating that all the independent, science-based studies are clear -- there is no elevated health risk from synthetic turf or crumb rubber."

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