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Artificial Turf Installed At Del Monte Dog Park In San Jose

Artificial Turf for dog park


Plans for the Del Monte Park began in 2008 but funding issues held up the project. It finally opened in December 2014 and has 2 acres of room to play. It also includes a dog haven with plenty of room for any sized dog to run around. Heavenly Greens helped create that dog park with the addition of artificial turf. In fact it not only has one, but two dog parks equipped with artificial turf.

Now dogs can run and play without getting muddy or dirty (or more importantly stop your car from getting dirty). Artificial turf helps you stop wasting time with the post-park dog wash that all dog owners are very familiar with! Heavenly Greens wanted to make sure that all you have to worry about at the Del Monte Dog Park is how much fun you and your dog are having!


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