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Artificial Grass 101

Artificial Grass Products

Those of us who live in Northern California are all too familiar with drought and severe water restrictions that make it nearly impossible to maintain a pretty, healthy lawn. Not to mention the problems that can arise from children or pets. These family members tend to create unsightly bare spots and holes. Then when we can water – or it rains – we deal with repeated mowing, fertilizing, pesticides, and the inevitable muddy paws!

Why be frustrated? Heavenly Greens’ artificial grass  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/ty--free-guide-product-comparison> can transform any yard into a year-round place of exceptional beauty or a useful play area for children <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/free-guide-playgrounds> and pets. The best part of installing artificial grass is that you’re saving you money and time that you can spend enjoying your at-home surroundings. The next obvious step in the process is to better understand what type of residential artificial turf is right for you.

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Mini Product Comparison Guide

Here are the most important features you want to pay attention to when selecting your artificial grass for the following uses:

  Density Pile Height Durability Drainage Feel
Yards Medium to high Medium to high Medium Vertical, good, hole-punched Soft, but resilient
Dogs Medium to high Medium to low High Vertical, superior, flow-through Rigid
Putting Greens Very dense Low Superior Horizontal, flows to perimeter Smooth
Outdoor Living Medium Medium Medium to High Vertical, good, hole-punched Soft, but resilient

Below is a list of the Heavenly Greens’ products  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/free-guide-heavenly-greens-product-comparison> we offer, grouped by use. If you’re interested in product details, you’ve come to the right place! Click on each product name to visit the page with its specifications and a video showing you that product’s characteristics.