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Artificial Grass Is Perfect For Wineries and Other Event Venues

It's a Question More People are asking, Why Natural grass? 

Wineries, Resorts and Event Venues are switching to artificial grass. Besides the obvious cost savings, synthetic turf reduces water waste, minimizes maintenance, allows year-round usage while enhancing the beauty of the venue. 

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Wine country wedding venues have to be picture perfect for every occasion. This becomes very difficult when holding events year-round because natural grass cannot withstand the traffic. This can lead to replacing the lawn many times a year. That makes artificial turf the clear choice when considering the longevity of your landscape.

Not only does artificial turf last longer, but it also requires less maintenance than normal lawns. Say goodbye to constant mowing and manicuring, fertilizing, pest control and all those other lawn care chores. They are eliminated with artificial turf. This keeps your lawn ready for use at any moment. 

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Artificial Grass for Event Venues and Wineries

With artificial grass, your venue is always guest-ready. With no downtime for grass replacement and mop-up. You can:
  • Book more events during peak periods, weekdays as well as weekends.

  • Book events year round.

  • Book more profit -- or offer more competitive rates, thanks to all your savings.

Not only does it allow you to make more money, but it also helps you save money by:
  • Eliminating sod replacement, which could be up to 5 times or more a year!

  • Eliminating the cost of landscape maintenance

  • Eliminate watering your lawn to keep it looking perfect

IMG_5647-7Natural grass: what a hassle!

Sod looks so lush and inviting – once it has settled in and the seams don’t show. But that doesn’t last long. Replacing your sod multiple times a year is a headache and a serious expense. It’s always a rush to get the work done in time for the next weekend’s event. Surely your crew could be doing something more valuable. Surely your weekday wine tasters would rather admire your view than watch a construction project.  

And the cost! For what you’re spending in one year, you could install artificial grass and be done with it, once and for all. Doesn’t that make more sense? Heavenly Greens superior quality artificial grass will retain its emerald beauty and bring-it-on toughness for 8-12 years – earning money instead of wasting it.

Natural grass becomes a soggy, muddy mess when you water or it rains. Guests don’t appreciate the grass and mud stains on their party clothes, and no bride wants her heels sinking into the turf halfway down the aisle. Clippings and mud get tracked indoors, too. Many wineries don’t even try to book events during the winter. With artificial grass, there’s never a mess. You’re looking good and good go to, all year round.

Fescue Twomey Cellars afterCustom options

While many venues simply want us to replace their existing lawn with top-quality artificial grass, we can also work with you to create a custom design for a new installation. Below are a few of custom options you can enjoy:

  • Permanently-embedded tent stake mounts
  • Bocce ball court
  • Putting green
  • Paver outlines
  • Wedding arches

Artificial grass is an ideal surface, with all the benefits and none of the negatives of natural grass. Your guests will love the extra amenities.


Let’s talk!

We can install artificial grass year round, with professional grade installation that ensures excellent drainage as well as an always-beautiful, inviting surface that consistently matches your brand and your guests’ highest expectations. The sooner you make the switch, the sooner you and your guests can start enjoying the rewards.

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