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How Artificial Grass Gives Your Event Venue The Competitive Advantage


artificial grass and flowers at event venue gives competitive advantageWine country throughout northern California is replete with event venues – some at wineries themselves, others at hotels or other special locations that take advantage of our stunning scenery and great weather. Weddings, family get-togethers, music concerts, and business functions all seem to go better when there’s grass underfoot and a sunny or starry sky overhead.

From Napa and Sonoma to Santa Cruz and Monterey, event venue owners and managers have one thing in common. You all want your venue to thrive. After all, operating that space may be a labor of love, but it is also a business. Finding your unique niche within the industry is a valuable promotional tool, but you need all the competitive advantage you can get.

Did you just think of artificial grass?

Well, why not? A plush, vibrant lawn is the cornerstone of most outdoor event venues, whether your space can host hundreds of guests or just a few dozen. But maintaining a pristine natural lawn is expensive and fraught with problems. Problems that can diminish the aesthetic appeal of your property and cut into your revenue. That won’t do, if you hope to remain competitive and win over more guests.

So let’s get real here. Artificial grass gives you a competitive edge because it always – always – looks picture perfect, and it rarely presents even minor problems. How does that work? Let’s take a look at why faux outperforms natural grass.

No disappointments

Imagine the bride’s chagrin when she arrives for her Big Day and sees that your grass has gone downhill since she did her initial site visit. Lack of water or a bug infestation has left the lawn looking yellowed and brittle. It’s going to look awful in her wedding pictures. It’s a crushing blow, entirely avoidable if only you had artificial grass.

Greater “amenities”

Your competitive advantage relies on providing an all-around first-rate experience. Every little detail matters to the folks who use your event venue, whether they are paying clients or winery guests. So, if they get grass or mud stains on their clothing they won’t be pleased. If they get water stains on their shoes from strolling on your not-quite-dry grass or a damp behind from sitting on it, they won’t be pleased about that, either. Not quite the enjoyable experience they anticipated.

Artificial grass drains moisture much faster than live grass, and it dries quickly, too.

Fast clean-up = faster turnaround

It’s quick and easy to clean up after even the most active events on artificial grass. A rinse with the hose and a quick fluff with a broom, and your lawn is ready to host its next party. This means you can accept more, or last-minute, reservations that your competitors won’t be able to accommodate because their natural grass has to recover in between engagements.

Increase fire resistance

Although artificial grass can melt if a spot gets very hot, it cannot flame up or burn. That makes it a “firewise” groundcover recommended to help protect your structures from a wildfire. Should your artificial grass ever be damaged by a catastrophic fire, it can be replaced far faster than natural grass and its irrigation system. You’ll be back in business in no time.

Save money

Big money. With artificial grass, you can say sayonara to lawn maintenance. Have you ever really considered that line in your budget that shows how much you’re spending to repeatedly mow, edge, fertilize, repair, spray to prevent pests and disease, and get rid of encroaching weeds? The equipment. Supplies. Labor. Ouch. Oh, and did we forget to mention the cost of watering that grass? Shouldn’t you be using your water allotment to water your vineyards? Or simply conserve?

What can you with all that dough you retain? Beef up your bottom line. Offer more competitive rental rates. Do more marketing. Raise salaries (having the best people on staff is a competitive advantage, you know). Remodel or expand your venue.

You get the idea. Faux grass is the real thing when it comes to standing out from the competition.

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