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8 Things You Should Know About Artificial Turf



Artificial turf has become so popular, you see it everywhere – around homes and commercial properties, on ball fields, and more. It is now the go-to source for grass that fits the California lifestyle as well as California’s serious need to conserve water and preserve the environment. With all that, you’d think everyone knows all about artificial turf by now.

But here at Heavenly Greens, we still gets lots of questions about this versatile product. So here are some things you should know about artificial turf.



1. It’s green in color

Well, duh, you say? Artificial turf has come a loooong way since the days of unnaturally green indoor-outdoor whatever-that-was. Today you can buy high-quality products that really do look like the real thing. And that means they come in different shades of green – just like natural grass. We like to say “50 shades,” though that’s a bit of an exaggeration. You should come visit our San Jose showroom to see for yourself.

One of the shades you might especially love is called “putting green.” Get it?

2. It’s not green in color

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf can be produced in any color. So if you’re hankering for something other than green, we have you covered. You can make a grassy area rug or wall hanging in your favorite team’s colors for your man-cave, or incorporate your corporate logo in the center of your main campus lawn. 

3. It’s environmentally green

Artificial turf has natural grass beat hands down when it comes to saving precious water and eliminating pollution with poisonous lawn care chemicals.

4. It’s user-friendly

Not only do you save on water and supplies, you save time and effort because artificial turf virtually eliminates the human labor of lawn care. Instead of mowing, etc. etc. etc., you can recapture your weekends to something you actually want to do.

5. Dogs love it (cats, too!)

Homeowners and dog park owners agree – artificial turf stands up to even the most rambunctious dogs when natural grass cannot. Your dear pooch cannot dig through it or cause dead patches from rolling on it, and when he does his potty thing, it’s quick and easy to clean up after him. And no catio is complete without some fluffy artificial grass underfoot.

6. Kids love it

There’s a reason schools and public entities have switched to artificial turf for playgrounds as well as sports fields. Kids can be even tougher on grass than dogs, but not when it’s artificial turf. At Heavenly Greens, we offer turf designed with FallSoft technology, which softens falls from as high as 5 feet. It’s perfect for at-home play areas because it not only looks great, parents get greater peace of mind.

7. Event venues love it

Anyone who has to maintain huge expanses of pristine grass understands the aesthetic and financial benefits of artificial turf. And their guests appreciate the functional benefits, too, because artificial provides a uniformly beautiful, stable and dry surface for weddings and other must-be-perfect events. Homeowners enjoy these same benefits, of course, though on a smaller scale.

8. Sports teams love it

Well, everyone knows that. The original AstroTurf was created for the Houston Astros baseball team, and today professional and amateur sports teams across the country have embraced artificial turf as their official play surface.

We think you’ll love it, too

So we’ll repeat our invitation above – come visit our Heavenly Greens showroom in San Jose. You can see and feel for yourself what today’s artificial turf is all about. You’ll probably be amazed by the variety and the realism. And we know you’ll have questions. Our expert turf is always on hand to fill you in on the facts and help you choose exactly the right turf, whatever your plans.

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