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Financing for Artificial Grass in San Jose: What You Need to Know

Grass and the California sun don't always play nice. From our constant droughts to water restrictions, it takes a lot of effort to keep a nice, lush lawn in the state. 

But don't worry - if you're looking for greener pastures (literally), artificial grass in San Jose is here to save the day. Not only does it look great, but it also requires minimal maintenance and care - oh, and financing it? That's a breeze with Heavenly Greens!

We know that cost is a common deterrent for those considering artificial turf. We won't lie - it's definitely more expensive upfront than sod and grass seeds. 

Key word here is "upfront." It only takes a few years for synthetic turf to pay for itself with its reduced water bills, no fertilizer or pesticide costs, and minimal maintenance. Not to mention all the time and headache you'll save from never needing to work in your yard again.

Now, onto the subject - financing for your brand-new synthetic lawn.

The Benefits of Financing Artificial Grass in San Jose

Heavenly Greens has partnered with several financing institutions to make it easy for our neighbors - aka you - to get their dream lawn now. This applies to any type of artificial grass installation, from artificial grass for dogs in San Jose to landscaping and more.

Depending on the financing you qualify for, you can enjoy:

• No Down Payment

This means you can enjoy your new lawn right away, without having to shell out a huge chunk of money all at once.

• Same as Cash Option

This means that if you pay off your loan within the promotional period, there will be no interest or fees.

• 5-20 Year Loan Terms

Our financing partners offer terms from 5 years to 7, 15, and up to 20 years. Feel free to finish it fast or spread it out over time - it’s totally up to you. 

• Loans Don't Appear on Your Credit Report

We don't want you to worry about your beautiful synthetic yard tanking or affecting your score in any way. That's why we also offer financing options designed to remain unrecorded on your credit report.

• Delay Your First Payment

Make your first payment wait - not your dream backyard! With some of our financing options, you can wait up to 16 months before your first payment is due.

• Loans Tied to the Property, Not You

A loan that's tied to the individual can create issues like credit score changes. That's why we offer loans tied to the property, so you can rest easy knowing that your credit won’t take a hit. 

• 100% of Installed Costs Financed

No need to worry about shelling out for installation or the cost of materials. We also have a financing option available that finances 100% of the cost of your installation.

Let's Check If You Qualify!

Nothing brings a smile to our faces more than seeing our clients enjoy the beauty and benefits of artificial turf for residential lawns in San Jose. Heavenly Greens financing will get you there! 

First step: see if you qualify! Fill up this form or call us today, and we'll get the ball rolling. 

In the meantime, you can browse our artificial grass financing programs to explore the best option for you.

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