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Artificial Turf Articles

Kiddie Pools and Breaking Rules with Artificial Turf Lawns

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 January


Remember how much you loved your kiddie pool when you were little? Your own kids probably love their wading pool just as much. And if you have an artificial grass lawn, they can enjoy their pool even more than you did – and it’s less work for you.

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Topics: artificial grass, drainage, Artificial Grass Benefits, Residential Artificial Grass

Lawn Care: The Money-Guzzler

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 January


Let’s face it. A natural grass lawn is the Buick Electra of the landscaping world. It might not guzzle gas, but, boy, can it guzzle money. And it’s impossible to quench that thirst. So here’s something to think about. If you’ve long since stopped driving a gas-guzzler, why are you still trying to tame a money-guzzling lawn? 

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Topics: Fake Grass, Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

Fix Your Lawn Drainage and Pet Issues with Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 11 January


Dogs on synthetic lawn and how to fix lawn drainage and pet issues with artificial grass for dogsIn summer, it can be easy to forget just how poorly your lawn drains away water. After all, rain is scarce to non-existent in summer, and you’re watering minimally or not at all, so there’s nothing to puddle up. But now that winter has rolled around again, it’s all coming back to you, isn’t it?

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, grass for pets, Artificial Grass Benefits

New Year Resolution: Reclaim Your Weekends, Get Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 January


On the fence about whether you should join a gym to get in shape this year? Like most of us, you’re probably ready to admit that more exercise would do you a world of good. But, maybe the thought of donning your workout outfit and heading off to the fitness center seems like more of a punishing slog than an invigorating way to buff up. We hear you!

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

Natural Grass And Winter Don't Always Mix

Posted by Troy Scott on 04 January


Winter is not your lawn’s prettiest look. Not if it’s natural grass, anyway. Inevitably, there are brown spots, with patches of bare soil. It if gets cold enough, the grass goes dormant and either gets muddy or resembles a field of straw. If the weather is milder, your grass may remain green but rain and lack of warm sunshine keep it from drying out. It’s a soggy mess. Natural grass and winter don’t mix well.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

Do You Know When To Aerate and Dethatch Your Lawn?

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 January


Do you regularly aerate and dethatch your lawn? These chores are key to having a beautiful, uniform lawn, yet they are often overlooked, resulting in unhappy, unhealthy grass. It’s not pretty. Many homeowners deliberately ignore the need to aerate and dethatch. And why? Because maintaining a lawn in the Bay Area can be tough enough, simply with all the ongoing mowing, feeding, and weeding.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

What Is Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 January


Artificial grass is freedom. Freedom from mowing the lawn on weekends. Freedom from escalating water bills to keep your grass green and growing. Freedom from allergens and potentially poisonous chemicals. Freedom to relax and make the most of your precious weekends. And, all the while, your grass looks exceptional, all on its own.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

How To Keep Dogs From Tracking Bacteria And Germs Into Your Home

Posted by Troy Scott on 28 December


Every dog owner knows that contending with dog hair around your home is inevitable – unless, perhaps, you own a poodle. But every dog tracks in a multitude of other unwanted things, including invisible (and potentially harmful) bacteria and germs. It’s a constant battle to keep your floors clean as your dog goes in and out. But at least you can see the dirt and mud, grass clippings, and other debris.

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Topics: grass for pets, artificial grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

Don't Let Winter Get Tracked Into Your Home - Get Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 20 December


We appreciate the winter rains when they come to northern California, because our state badly needs the water. If only the rain didn’t bring its own list of negatives! Worst, of course, is the flooding and serious erosion that further devastates fire-ravaged areas. But, on a more mundane level, rain makes a mess everywhere. Including your home.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Benefits

Drainage and Other Common Questions Answered About Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 December


With so many homeowners and commercial property owners making the switch to artificial grass, the sight (and appreciation) of it is now common. Yet, because our Heavenly Greens experts talk with people every day, we know folks still have a lot of practical questions about synthetic grass. Obviously, it is beautiful, but how well does it work?

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Topics: artificial grass, synthetic turf, FAQ, drainage, Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Residential Artificial Grass

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