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6 Beautiful Ways to Blend Your Putting Green With Natural Landscaping

Artificial grass has come a long way in terms of realism. At Heavenly Greens, we pride ourselves on installing putting greens that look and feel just like the real thing. This opens up endless possibilities for integrating your synthetic turf into your natural landscape, creating a seamless and stunning backyard oasis. Here are six of our favorite ways to do just that:

1. Border it With Natural Stone

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to blend your putting green with your yard is to surround it with natural stone. Use boulders, river rock, or flagstone to create an earthy, rustic border. The contrast between the sleek, manicured grass and the rugged stone is striking. Flat stones can also serve as a functional walking path around the perimeter.

Example: Imagine stepping onto your putting green, framed by smooth river rocks that lead to a nearby garden bed, seamlessly connecting different elements of your yard.

2. Create Curved Edges

Straight lines and sharp corners can make your putting green look out of place. Instead, shape it with gentle curves and rounded edges. This organic design helps it blend more naturally with the rest of your landscape. Enhance the effect with winding garden beds alongside the green.

Example: A putting green with flowing, curved borders that mimic the natural contours of your yard, giving it a soft and inviting look.

3. Incorporate Flower Beds

Adding flower beds around your putting green makes it feel like a lush, integrated part of your garden. Choose plants that are native to your area and complement the green hue of the turf. Curved borders and asymmetrical arrangements will give a more natural appearance.

Example: Vibrant flowers and lush greenery framing your putting green, creating a colorful and fragrant oasis that's perfect for relaxing and playing.

4. Surround It With Trees

Nestling your putting green amidst trees can make it feel like a natural part of your yard. Ensure there's enough space between the trees and the green so that roots don't interfere with the turf. Trees provide shade, add vertical interest, and help blend the green into the landscape.

Example: A putting green nestled among mature trees, with dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, creating a serene and picturesque setting.

5. Add a Water Feature

The sound and sight of water can enhance the tranquility of your putting green. Consider adding a small waterfall, pond, or stream along one edge. A simple fountain near a corner can also create a calming effect.

Example: A bubbling fountain next to your putting green, providing a soothing background noise as you practice your putts.

6. Accent With Plants

Strategically placing potted plants and ornamental shrubs around your putting green can soften its borders and add color and texture. Arrange plants on one or two sides for an asymmetrical, organic look. Tall plants behind the hole can serve as an attractive backdrop.

Example: Decorative shrubs and potted plants flanking your putting green, adding layers of greenery and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Get a Custom Landscaping Plan for Your Artificial Grass Green

At Heavenly Greens, we do more than just install premium putting green turf. We specialize in creating custom landscaping plans that seamlessly integrate your artificial grass green into your overall yard design. From choosing the perfect spot to incorporating stone, water features, and plants, our experts will guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today by calling 844-382-7684 or sending us a message to start planning your dream backyard. Let's make your putting green a stunning and natural-looking part of your landscape.

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