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Synthetic Turf Council

Heavenly Greens and The Synthetic Turf Council

The Legitimate Resource for Industry Information

Founded in 2003, the Synthetic Turf Council is a non-profit association dedicated to serving as a resource for trustworthy information about synthetic turf. Our objective is to encourage, promote and facilitate better understanding among all parties involved in the manufacture, selection, delivery and use of today's synthetic turf systems. To that end, we make every attempt to dispense information that is neutral, objective and validated by independent, current and credible research.

As an action-oriented organization, we promote high standards and high quality in our industry through a respected member certification program and strict code of ethics. Our semi-annual membership meetings provide a forum for cooperative learning and issue resolution, while outreach initiatives encourage cooperative relationships between industry and end-user organizations.

The Source You Can Trust

Joining the Synthetic Turf Council is an expression of support and appreciation for the STC's stewardship of the industry – successfully serving as its voice in times of crisis and every day by promoting the benefits and the safety of synthetic turf, by posting direct responses to the misinformation in the media and public forums, and by representing the industry with regulatory organizations, most notably and effectively with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Since 2003, the Synthetic Turf Council has been dedicated to growing the acceptance and demand for synthetic turf, promoting quality and best practices, and helping its members differentiate themselves in the marketplace by providing:

  • Targeted Education
  • Frequent Informational Updates
  • Technical Guidelines & Resources
  • Code of Ethics & Conduct
  • STC Certification Program

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