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Seeing these products up close is the best way to appreciate how soft, safe, vibrant and realistic looking they actually are. Heavenly Greens has a showroom in San Jose  featuring the full range of artificial turf applications and other landscaping services that we offer. Come to our showroom where we have 3 different synthetic grass scenarios: a home backyard, a patio garden, and a putting range. A map to our showroom is below. You can start your product research by downloading our product comparison guide!


This showroom features four different applications displayed in a real setting allowing consumers to look, touch and feel our quality products. Customers are invited to experience Heavenly Greens in a way that gives them a unique perspective and allows us to help them explore options for their landscaping needs.



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San Jose Heavenly Greens Showroom hours:

M-F 9am to 4pm. Sat Showroom only. Call Center is Closed.


For more information please call 408-723-4954
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