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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Owning a dog does not mean you have to forego a gorgeous, grassy yard. Not when you choose artificial grass from Heavenly Greens. Dogs can devastate natural grass turf in no time with their digging, rolling, romping, and pottying. But dogs and artificial grass? They’re as compatible as PB and jam. That’s why canines give artificial turf four paws up for their dog runs as well as the family lawn.

We know that some dogs may be disappointed to learn that artificial turf is dig-proof, but the pets we’ve surveyed all agree that fake grass is a real tail-wagger. It is:

  • Thick and cushy under-paw
  • Soft and comfortable for snoozing
  • Fast-drying after a rinse or rain

Pet-friendly artificial grass has everything pet parents could want, too:

  • No water or chemical applications required
  • Super-fast drainage, with our MaxxFlow backing -- urine and water pass right through
  • Eliminates muddy paws
  • Pick up/rinse away waste
  • Won’t stain or discolor

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Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Superior quality artificial turf looks gorgeous all the time, despite weather conditions or your active dog, and it is requires next to no maintenance. Not only that, you can choose the grassy look you like best from among multiple styles. Longer blades, shorter blades, thickness of the turf, even the shade of green.

All of these artificial grass styles – though different – are excellent choices residential and commercial dog spaces: