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Meet the Team

Company Philosophy

“Creating satisfied customers is our number one priority. We strive to provide the best available products alongside high-quality installations and workmanship. We’re trained and certified by FieldTurf to ensure our clients’ investments are properly installed.”

Our Team

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Tim Fullerton

CEO | General Partner (Managing the organization)
Favorite weekend activity: Traveling Favorite movie: I don't really watch movies
Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 10.37.24 AM

Troy Scott

CMO | General Partner (I get to be a Nerd)
Favorite weekend activity: Camping Dirtbike Riding Most embarrassing moment: In a grade school play forgetting my lines as Tom Sawyer in front of the whole school Favorite movie: Ready Player One Visit LinkedIn profile

Kristin Pisano

Call Center Manager/Admin (Specializing in multi-tasking)
Favorite weekend activity: Exploring nature with friends Favorite movie: The Notebook

Laura Bendixen

Trade Show Coordinator/Sales Admin (Every day is something different)
Favorite weekend activity: Jogging, hiking and slogging Most embarrassing moment: Oh jeez I’ve tried to put it behind me Favorite movie: The Razor’s Edge Visit LinkedIn profile

Kimberlly Frank

Customer Service (Adult daycare)
Favorite weekend activity: Hanging with my family Most embarrassing moment: Falling off a rope swing and not making it to the water. Favorite movie: Beaches

Eric Fullerton

Inventory Manager/ATE Sales Manager (I SELL TURF!)
Favorite weekend activity: Hiking and going to the beach/lake. Most embarrassing moment: Not sure yet.... Favorite movie: Top Gun

Liz Vazquez

Admin Assistant (Assisting the production department)
Favorite weekend activity: Relaxing Favorite movie: Minions movies

Company Values

Below are a few of the company values we hold true. 

  • Family-oriented work environment
  • Employees are close and value teamwork
  • Cutting edge digital communication among teams (surprisingly advanced for a construction business)
  • Goal/growth oriented
  • Personal/professional development encouraged
  • Many bilingual employees
  • Culturally diverse
  • Age diversity
  • Ownership is now assumed by two former employees
  • Company events multiple times a year (February – rollout | Halloween | Christmas)
  • Team building exercises for management


We Are Always Looking for Great People. We provide complete training for all positions.

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