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The Bay Area Leader in Artificial Turf


Company Philosophy

“Creating satisfied customers is our number one priority. We strive to provide the best available products alongside high-quality installations and workmanship. We’re trained and certified by FieldTurf to ensure our clients’ investments are properly installed.”


Meet the Team

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Tim Fullerton

CEO | General Partner (Managing the organization)
Favorite weekend activity: Traveling Favorite movie: I don't really watch movies
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 11.01.26 AM

Troy Scott

CMO | General Partner (I get to be a Nerd)
Favorite weekend activity: Dirtbike Racing Most embarrassing moment: In a grade school play forgetting my lines as Tom Sawyer in front of the whole school Favorite movie: Ready Player One Visit LinkedIn profile

Kristin Pisano

Call Center Manager/Admin (Specializing in multi-tasking)
Favorite weekend activity: Exploring nature with friends Favorite movie: The Notebook

Laura Bendixen

Trade Show Coordinator/Sales Admin (Every day is something different)
Favorite weekend activity: Jogging, hiking and slogging Most embarrassing moment: Oh jeez I’ve tried to put it behind me Favorite movie: The Razor’s Edge Visit LinkedIn profile

Dan Clay

Accounting Manager (Basically getting and spending money)
Favorite weekend activity: Sleeping Most embarrassing moment: Nothing that’s on video luckily, let's just say the electric slide is involved. Favorite movie: Godfather Visit LinkedIn profile

Kimberlly Frank

Production Manager (Adult daycare)
Favorite weekend activity: Hanging with my family Most embarrassing moment: Falling off a rope swing and not making it to the water. Favorite movie: Beaches

Eric Fullerton

Inventory Manager/ATE Sales Manager (I SELL TURF!)
Favorite weekend activity: Hiking and going to the beach/lake. Most embarrassing moment: Not sure yet.... Favorite movie: Top Gun

Matt Martin

Sales/Marketing (I make things happen)
Favorite weekend activity: Going to concerts or shredding the gnar. Most embarrassing moment: We don’t talk about that. Favorite movie: For Whom The Bell Tolls Visit LinkedIn profile

Liz Vazquez

Admin Assistant (Assisting the production department)
Favorite weekend activity: Relaxing Favorite movie: Minions movies

Gabriella Arreola

Call Center Representative (I answer incoming calls and book appointments)
Favorite weekend activity: Cleaning, relaxing, attending family events

Company Values

Below are a few of the company values we hold true. 

  • Family-oriented work environment
  • Employees are close and value teamwork
  • Cutting edge digital communication among teams (surprisingly advanced for a construction business)
  • Goal/growth oriented
  • Personal/professional development encouraged
  • Many bilingual employees
  • Culturally diverse
  • Age diversity
  • Ownership is now assumed by two former employees
  • Company events multiple times a year (February – rollout | Halloween | Christmas)
  • Team building exercises for management



We Are Always Looking for Professional Sales People.

We provide complete training for all positions. Qualified applicants can use this link to apply to Heavenly Greens!