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Heavenly Greens Gives Back

Heavenly Greens believes in giving back to those in need, which is why we have supported many different charities during our time in business. Below is the full list of charities we have helped over the years.

Our company’s original founder is a veteran, and has been very passionate about contributing to the Wounded Warrior Project. The WWP has been instrumental in many wounded veterans being able to adapt to civilian life after bravely serving their country, and so HG is grateful to be part of it.

It’s no shock to anyone that the HG team is full of animal lovers. From dogs to cats, fish to birds and everything else, we absolutely love animals and the work done by Marin Humane. We’ve put a lot of effort into seeing that animals here find homes with happy parents and children.

Packages for Preemies is a charity dedicated to providing goods, services, and financial support to families with infants in the NICU. We’ve known a host of people who have had preemies and we can feel safe knowing that we’re helping these infants get their start properly.

The Make a Wish foundation really needs no introduction, it is one of the largest charities in the US and is responsible for a lot of the good work we see today. We’ve been donating to them for several years and we absolutely love what they do.

The SV Humane Society is the biggest local animal shelter and they work hard at getting so many fur babies adopted —a cause near a dear to our hearts. (We’ve installed a lot of turf out there. If you stop by, you can’t miss it!)

At HG, we put a premium on human rights across the globe, and absolutely value the freedom of expression, fair elections, religious freedom, and LGBTQIA+ rights. Freedom House does a lot of great work in all of these fields and we love supporting them.

Club Dust is a charity that builds homes in Mexico. Often over Christmas break, several of our employees volunteer their time and labor to building these homes in Tijuana and Tecate. This has been a long running tradition at HG and it’s great for our team building and for the people in these towns.

The Monterey SPCA has a special place in our hearts, along with the SV Humane Society and Marin Humane because of how much we love animals around here. We’ve been working with them for a number of years and are thrilled when pets get adopted out of there!