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Yard & Lawn Artificial Grass

Who says you can’t enjoy a lovely lawn as part of your landscaping, even in drought-prone northern California? Out front or in the back yard, artificial grass from Heavenly Greens provides all the benefits of natural grass, and then some. It outperforms natural grass, too. With multiple styles available, there is a turf that’s perfect for lawns, blending with pavers for pathways, surrounding your pool, and replacing hot, hardscape patios and decks.

Artificial turf is beloved by kids and dogs, too, because it’s always fluffy and barefoot-friendly.

Top-quality artificial turf is reliably, consistently gorgeous, no matter the weather or how much action it sees. It doesn’t need soil, sun, water or mowing, so you can create any size or shape grassy space you want. You can even transform elevated spaces such as a balcony or rooftop. And since artificial turf requires the bare minimum of maintenance, you can save significant time and money over your turf’s long life.

Instead of tending to your grass, you’ll be able to actually enjoy your yard. Plus, you can say goodbye to grass-stained knees, dog-dug holes, muddy paws, and eye-watering grass pollen.

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Best Artificial Turf for Yards

Natural grass varieties come in different blade shapes and lengths and different shades of green. So does artificial grass. That’s why it looks and feels like the real thing, from down the street and when you’re stretched out on the surface for a summer nap.

Whether you want lawn for show or lawn for action, these Heavenly Greens artificial grass products are excellent choices for landscaping: