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How to Choose the Right Turf for Your Residential Putting Green in San Jose

When you want the best, you go for the best. The same applies to your artificial residential putting green in San Jose.

Want to have the best artificial putting green? Think twice about getting discount synthetic turf products. You can get them at big box stores and online retailers, and they seem like a great deal—until you start looking into their drawbacks. Here's why you should steer clear of them and choose premium synthetic grass for putting greens:


Most discount stores use cheaper polyethylene. They cut corners on this material by using lower-grade polymers, which means that their putting greens will look fake even from afar.

Premium artificial turf for putting greens uses high-quality polypropylene. This gives it a more natural look and feel. It also doesn't go flat over time like discount store turf; instead, it retains its shape over time with proper maintenance.


Discount synthetic turf products are often prone to damage from regular use. They may also contain harmful chemicals that can cause various health problems.

Premium artificial turf in San Jose is engineered with durability in mind. It doesn’t require frequent replacement or maintenance. This means it'll last for up to 10 years or more!


Store-bought synthetic grass is usually only ornamental—like lining flowerbeds or edging walkways. This means that it probably doesn't have the durability and longevity needed for a putting green. It might look nice now, but it won't hold up over time.

Premium artificial grass, on the other hand, serves a specific purpose. It could be a surface for a playground or a residential putting green in San Jose.


When you buy a discount synthetic turf product, you'll have to DIY its installation. If you have no experience with installing synthetic turf or if you're not confident in your DIY abilities, then this can be a challenge. You may end up with rips in the turf or other problems that will require professional repair services to fix.

Artificial grass companies that offer turf products also offer expert installation services. These are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. The company will even help with any questions or concerns that come up during or after installation. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and easily for you.


Store-bought artificial grass products don't come with much information. They also seldom have a guide about their installation or maintenance. This means that when you purchase this type of product, you have to hope that the installation instructions included in the box are accurate.

Premium artificial turf often comes with guides about installation and maintenance. This prevents a lot of problems in the long run.

Choose High-Quality Artificial Grass in San Jose for Your Dream Green

You want a putting green that can match the playability of pro-level golf courses and you want it to look good. So look no further than Heavenly Greens.

We can help you make a synthetic putting green that will be the envy of your neighbors. We offer premium golf turf products and services for your landscaping needs. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 1844-287-5876!

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