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3 FAQs About Artificial Grass Bocce Ball Courts

Looking to add a fun, elegant touch to your home? A bocce ball court made of artificial grass for backyard spaces may just do the trick. 

Artificial turf bocce ball court is a beautiful and low-maintenance solution.  Let's dive into the essentials and the benefits of professional installation.

FAQ #1: What exactly Is bocce ball?

Bocce ball is a classic outdoor game with roots in ancient Rome. Players compete in singles or teams, aiming to toss or roll large balls (called bocce) as close as possible to a smaller target ball (called the pallino or jack). Whoever’s team has more bocce balls closer to the pallino wins. 

It’s a fun and easy game for all ages and can also double as a low-impact way to get moving in the comfort of your yard.

FAQ #2: What does a bocce ball court look like?

Bocce courts are long, narrow rectangles with borders defining the playing area. The playing surface has to be perfectly level for fair play.  

As for the surface itself, traditional options include clay, firm dirt, or crushed oyster shells, but artificial grass has become a popular alternative.

FAQ #3: What are the benefits of artificial turf bocce courts? 

Artificial grass offers a smoother, more predictable playing surface for bocce ball: 

  • Surface Stability 

High-quality artificial grass offers exceptional consistency. Densely packed fibers create a smooth and even surface that prevents the shifting and displacement common with crushed oyster shells or loose dirt. This ensures a predictable ball roll crucial for strategic bocce gameplay. 

  • Drainage and Weather Resistance 

Modern artificial turfs are designed with drainage systems, usually a perforated backing, allowing water to pass through quickly.  This prevents puddling and soggy surfaces that make crushed oyster shells or dirt courts unusable after rain. It also minimizes weather-related damage and wear. 

  • Minimal Upkeep

The synthetic nature of artificial grass eliminates the need for raking, weeding, or watering associated with traditional surfaces. The surface won't develop ruts or compacted areas, saving you time and effort on maintenance.

Since artificial turf in San Jose looks like real grass, it’s also more versatile in terms of blending into your existing landscape.

Creative Ways to Incorporate a Bocce Court into Your Backyard

Bocce ball courts are already fun on their own, but of design savvy, you can easily turn it into a multifunctional centerpiece:

  • Focal Point: Position the bocce court as the central element of your backyard. Surround it with comfortable seating areas, perhaps a shade structure like a pergola, and consider outdoor lighting for evening play.
  • Elevated Design: Slightly raise the bocce court, using retaining walls or a built-up platform. This adds visual interest and sets it apart from other backyard features.
  • Patio Extension: Integrate the bocce court into an existing patio. This creates a seamless transition between relaxation and play areas.
  • Combined Game Zone: Designate a larger area for multiple lawn games. Include the bocce court alongside spaces for cornhole, horseshoes, or a small putting green.
  • Poolside Attraction: Place the bocce court adjacent to a pool, offering an alternative activity for those not swimming.
  • Bordering Beauty: Use visually contrasting materials to define the court's borders, like pavers, stone edging, or even a different color of artificial turf. This adds visual appeal and helps keep balls contained.
  • Garden Pathway: Make the approach to the bocce court part of the design. Create a walkway with stepping stones set within the artificial grass or border it with flowers or low-growing shrubs.
  • Strategic Placement: Place the court in a way that takes advantage of existing backyard turf landscape features. Tuck it next to a mature tree for some shade or use an empty corner to make the space more functional.

Learn More

Creating high-performance, beautiful backyard bocce courts is one of our specialties here at Heavenly Greens. Let’s get you started with a free consultation– call us today at 844-382-7684 or message us to book a slot.

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