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Get the Perfect Bocce Ball Surface

Hg-perfectboccecourt-blogThe game known as bocce ball has been around since the 200s BC, when it started scoring points with amusement-minded Romans. Bocce ball has been a staple of Italian culture ever since. But if you still think of it as a game only for elderly men in flat wool caps, you haven’t been paying attention. Bocce ball is all the rage now, with players of all ages.

And thanks to artificial grass, you can have your very own bocce court – installed right in your backyard, as part of your company’s employee kick-back-and-relax area, or as the latest attraction at your event venue. Yes, artificial grass provides the perfect surface for bocce ball. Surprised? Here’s why.


How the bocce surface works

The game is somewhat like bowling. The ball is also weighted, but it’s smaller and you roll it across a smooth surface that can be grassy or packed material.

Your natural grass lawn definitely won’t cut it. The deep, fluffy blades make your artificial grass lawn ideal for front yard beauty and backyard horsing around with the kids and dog. But they are no good for the precise ball roll required in bocce. That’s why Heavenly Greens offer specialized synthetic turf designed especially for bocce courts (and backyard putting greens).

Some purists say only crushed oyster shells will do if you want to play bocce properly, but the truth is, artificial grass can provide the same smooth surface. And artificial turf provides benefits a packed surface cannot.

The right fake grass can produce a smooth, even surface that has just the right texture and thickness to withstand lots of activity. Like your artificial grass lawn, the surface will never develop dips, holes, dead patches or brown spots to interfere with your game. Fake grass is very low maintenance. The surface remains green and healthy-looking without any mowing, weed killers or other chemical treatments, or messy (and expensive!) watering. That means more time to play. Isn’t that the definition of “game”?

Nothing says “home entertainment” quite like bocce ball

It has a special magnetism – people just can’t help but pick up a ball to give it a try. Once they get the hang of it, they’re hooked. Bocce is fun!

You can play informally, strictly for fun and relaxation with family, friends, and neighbors. So, once you get that bocce court installed, it’s party time. Just picture it – guests at your next backyard BBQ taking their turns at bocce, or standing on the sidelines at first, watching to see how it’s played.

And if you’re planning to host a special event at your home this spring or summer, such as a backyard bridal shower? Why sit around playing the same old expected games when your guests could be playing bocce? Something different. Something that is actually fun. A party everyone will remember. Once more, thanks to its always-perfect surface, you’ll be able to enjoy your bocce ball court almost year-round.

And the fun doesn’t have to stay home

Looking for a way to boost the fun quotient at your workplace or event venue? Bocce ball courts add a great group activity at event venues, whether your place is a hotel or a winery. Offering bocce on the side can make your venue more attractive for bookings, too. At the office, a bocce ball court can inspire easy-going play or no-holds-barred tournament competition among co-workers.

Any way you look at it, artificial grass and bocce ball are a match made in heaven. So if you’re looking for a way to up your game in 2019, give us a call. Our Heavenly Greens team can outfit your home, business, or event venue with a perfect bocce ball surface, and you’ll be ready to roll.

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