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Why Artificial Grass And Dogs Are The Perfect Mix


Why Artificial Grass And Dogs Are The Perfect Mix  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-and-dogs-are-the-perfect-mix @heavenlygreensHomeowners are finding that artificial grass and dogs make quite a pair. Dogs love to spend time outside. It doesn't matter if they have a human with them or not. They will always find something to do. For homeowners with natural grass lawns, this can mean torn up grass, holes in the yard and a variety of other pet-related problems that can become quite costly over time. One of the best ways to keep the dog happy and prevent them from destroying a lawn is to build a dog run. Dog runs are large enough for the animal to play and have a good time and durable enough to not be damaged by the animal's curiosity and playfulness.


Artificial grass is extremely durable. It is resistant to stains and discolorations caused by pet urine and feces. Most brands of artificial grass are also resistant to scratching and digging. The nylon and polypropylene fibers are tear resistant and will not stretch or wear over time, no matter how much an animal attempts to dig through them. Artificial grass will not mat down when a dog lays in the same spot or walks the same path. With the right infill, the turf will retain its natural position without having to be constantly cared for.

Easy to Clean

Artificial grass is extremely easy to clean. It is important to pick up any large objects or lawn debris that ends up in the dog run. Animal feces should also be removed on a daily basis to prevent foul odors from forming. The only other housekeeping that may need to be performed is a slight rinsing of the area once or twice a week, depending on how much time your dog spends in the kennel. This will rinse away any urine residue that can soak into the infill and cause odors or compact the infill in areas where the pet uses the bathroom.

Little to No Maintenance

Artificial turf dog runs and kennels require little to no maintenance. No mowing, trimming, watering or mulching is needed to keep the grass looking fresh and green. Dogs can be extremely hard on natural grass. Digging holes and constantly running in one area can wear away the grass leaving bare spots. This means continual re-seeding and fertilizing to make sure the grass continues to grow. If artificial turf for dogs is installed in the kennel, the homeowner will not have to worry about any type of maintenance. There are several brands of artificial turf that designed specifically for use in dog runs that is able to withstand all of the perils associated with the pet, including odors. Learn more about why artificial turf is so low maintenance.

Looks and Feels Natural

While most dogs could care less what the grass feels like when they are playing, most prefer a soft, lush bed of soft grass if they want to lay down and rest. Artificial grass for dogs is designed to be as close to natural grass as possible. It looks and feels so close to natural that many people can't tell the difference unless they look extremely close. Most infill options will help to control any pet odors that may appear if the dog run is rinsed occasionally and the infill raked to break up any compacted areas. A light raking will also remove any pet hair or debris that may collect naturally within the dog run.

The combination of artificial grass and dogs is a win/win for many homeowners. The dogs get to play to their heart's content and the homeowner doesn't have to worry about property being destroyed or their pet wandering off to play with neighborhood kids. A small investment can result in a happy puppy and even happy owner.

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