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Artificial Turf Maintenance: Brushing, Rinsing, And More

Artificial Turf Maintenance Brushing Rinsing and more  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-turf-maintenance-brushing-rinsing-and-more @heavenlygreensArtificial turf maintenance is considerably less when compared to what is needed for a natural grass lawn. Natural grass must be mowed, watered, thatched, raked, rolled, fertilized and treated with weed killers to maintain the beautiful green, unblemished look most homeowners desire. When spots begin to wear thin in high traffic areas, new seed must be planted, watered and fertilized until it begins to take hold. With artificial turf, there is very little maintenance to worry about.


Brushing is similar to raking and is performed with a specially designed brush that lifts and fluffs the synthetic blade of grass. While brushing is recommended for all areas of a synthetic lawn, it is especially helpful in high traffic areas. Areas that are constantly being walked on or ran over can become compressed and the fibers can look matted and worn. Brushing raises the blades back up, while stirring up the top layer of filler that was added to help support them.

By stirring up the top layer of filler, brushing also helps to release any airborne contaminants that may become trapped. Fluffing the material and raising the blades of grass up, acts as an aerator and helps to clean and freshen the area. It also returns some of the buoyancy that is lost as the filler is walked on.


Occasionally rinsing the lawn is an essential part of artificial turf maintenance. Rinsing helps to loosen any debris from dog or animal waste that was left behind after an initial clean up. Pets are not the only animals that frequent your yard. Birds, squirrels, rabbits and other forms of wildlife can cross your yard at any given time. A gentle rinsing with your garden hose or sprinkler system will wash away not only animal waste but dust, debris and pollen as well.

Organic detergents and rinses that are created for use with artificial turf can also be used to help wash away any unwanted debris that may find its way into your lawn. Always make sure to check your artificial turf maintenance guide to find out what is the best solution when cleaning and rinsing your synthetic lawn. The cleanser should contain no harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach. Bleach can discolor the lawn causing unsightly stains and white spots that cannot be repaired. Bleach can also weaken the synthetic fibers causing them to break down or wear out prematurely.


Trees that contain sap will eventually drop some on the artificial turf. Sap is extremely sticky and difficult to wash away with regular cleansers and soaps. If left sitting on the artificial turf, it can become hard and will be almost impossible to remove. The same is true for rubbery substances like chewing gum. The longer they are allowed to sit and harden, the more difficult they become to remove.

The best way to remove these types of substances is to freeze them and then scrape them away. Stores that sell artificial turf maintenance supplies often carry cans of refrigerants that may be used to freeze the offending substance and allow it to be easily removed without fear of harming the synthetic blades. It is important to remember not to touch the refrigerant or the materials that have been frozen. When using this technique, it is important to wear gloves to protect your hands from the extreme cold.

Artificial turf maintenance is basic and simple. Brushing, rinsing and the regular removal of any unsightly debris are the primary means of keep an artificial turf looking green and beautiful. Instead of spending several afternoons a week caring for your natural grass lawn, you will only have to spend a few hours one afternoon to maintain a synthetic lawn. So stop mowing your natural grass today and install artificial turf instead!

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