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Why Artificial Grass is Great At Event Venues

event venue with tables and artificial grass

If your venue isn’t picture perfect, the events that take place there cannot be picture perfect, either. Hosts and their guests will be disappointed. And as venue owner or manager, whether you’re hosting the proceedings yourself or now, a less-than-picture-perfect event will reflect poorly on you, too.

With artificial grass, you can achieve visual perfection without worry or guesswork. And you can rely on your grassy surface to perform as expected, no matter the function. That’s perfect for event venues.


Wow them at first sight

It is a major undertaking to maintain natural grass in tip-top condition. Weather, wear and tear, and pests, and nutritional issues all contrive to rob your lawns of their ideal beauty. That’s dangerous for event venues, because perception is everything. Artificial grass looks exactly right all the time – a fluffy, uniform, emerald expanse that welcomes arriving visitors and lets them know they’re in for a great experience.

They’ll get a greater experience, too, because unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not give off clippings and other debris that can cling to visitors’ shoes and trousers. It drains quickly after a rainy episode, so it’s never damp and soggy. Strolling or playing, visitors are safe from slipping, wet feet, and sunken, broken high heels.

Grass for every occasion

Artificial is the obvious choice for lawns, whether the grass will be used as open space or as footing under tented activities. But today’s multiple varieties of realistic fake grass are ideal for putting greens, bocce ball courts, kids’ play areas, and so on. You can install artificial grass indoors, too, giving guests an outdoorsy, grassy experience even in the dead of winter.

The versatility of artificial grass makes your event venue more versatile, too.

Sustainability sells (and it’s good for the environment)

Artificial grass just says no to noxious emissions from maintenance equipment and wasteful usage of vast quantities of precious water. It requires no pesticides, fertilizers, or other sketchy (or downright poisonous) chemicals that escape into the soil, streams, and aquifer. It is, quite simply, Mother Nature’s favorite grass. Venue event clients and visitors will appreciate your efforts to create a more sustainable world. In fact, knowing you are a good steward will encourage many to choose your venue for their event.

So wallet-friendly it pays for itself

One of the greatest laments of event venue owners is the ongoing hassle and expense that comes with having to repeatedly replace natural grass. Every time you have to re-sod, you lose precious days to removal and replacement and you run up a big materials and labor bill. You not only have out-of-pocket expense, downtime costs you in lost revenue. If you’re having to go through this exercise multiple times each year, the cost is enormous.

Installing artificial grass is a one-and-done investment, one that will last for a decade or two. Between the savings on water and lawn maintenance and the increased income you can generate by hosting events on formerly-lost days, your new grass will pay for itself in a surprisingly short time. Now, that’s a business proposition any venue manager can get behind.

Want to know more?

We thought you would. Just give us a call, and let’s talk about how custom-tailored artificial grass installations – new or retrofit – can make your event venue even greater than it is today.

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