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Artificial Turf Articles

Inspired by the Superbloom? What You Can Do in Your Backyard

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 May


The next time you hear the phrase “drought tolerant plants” and think of a dusty desert landscape, remember this spring’s superbloom.

Wildflowers are native plants, so they are perfectly adapted to their habitat. They can get by just fine, and reproduce as often as necessary to keep their particular flower species going, even when normal conditions are “adverse.” That’s just the way it is. But that doesn’t mean wildflowers don’t appreciate a little help now and then. So when Mother Nature delivers an unexpected rainfall, all those seeds just waiting beneath the surface zip into action.

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Topics: Artificial Turf Lawn, Artificial Turf Grass, Eco-Friendly, Gardening

What Is Sustainable Landscaping?

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 August


When we were in school, we all learned the three R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle. With a little creativity, you can apply all three to living outdoor environments. “Sustainable landscaping” is a comprehensive approach to designing and maintaining residential front and back yards, commercial properties, and public spaces. 

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Topics: healthy landscaping, Eco-Friendly, Gardening

Can Artificial Grass Be Recycled?

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 February


Science and technology have brought us so many wonderful advancements in recent years. We can now enjoy artificial grass that is light years ahead of its original version, in both appearance and performance.  There are numerous different styles of fake grass for every type of landscaping or play application. And the top quality FieldTurf products you get from Heavenly Greens are 100% recyclable.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Eco-Friendly

Winter Garden Favorites: What Veggies You Can Plant And Harvest

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 December


Nothing says “yum!” like fresh veggies from the garden. Too many people think that ends when summer itself ends, but not so! With strategic planning and planting, you can enjoy much of that summer-fresh goodness from your garden well into the winter.

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Topics: Eco-Friendly, Gardening, Vegetables

Sustainable Alternatives To Natural Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 June


It’s what the Natural Resources Defense Council calls the “no-mow movement” –  getting rid of all that thirsty natural grass in favor of something more environmentally appropriate. Naturally, we can relate to that concept. Here at Heavenly Greens, we think artificial grass is the most heavenly alternative to traditional lawn. Synthetic turf is sustainable in multiple ways, not only in terms of water conservation.

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Topics: artificial grass, Eco-Friendly

20 Tips For Saving Money And Going Green

Posted by Troy Scott on 13 February


In order to protect the earth and maintain precious resources for future generations, everyone needs to do their part. Going green is increasing in scope, from the choices we make in household products and design to the types of vehicles we drive and careers we take. According to Advertising Age, nearly $40 billion is spent on environmentally friendly products and services annually. This includes eco-friendly home products like artificial turf, recycled building materials, and solar energy systems.

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Topics: Environmentally Friendly, Eco-Friendly

5 Eco-Friendly California Clothing Companies

Posted by Troy Scott on 05 January

California has always been a leader when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. With recent drought conditions and various other issues related to the environment, people are looking to many local industries to help support the cause. This includes clothing designers and manufacturers who have made names for themselves within the industry by making eco-friendly apparel the next hot trend.

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Topics: Eco-Friendly

10 Practical Ways to Live Plastic Free

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 August

Have you ever thought about what it would take to live plastic free? We’re all concerned now about how our actions affect the environment around us. After all, we want our kids to have a healthy future, and plastic is one of the worst offenders when it comes to polluting landfills and oceans. So let’s get started.

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Topics: Eco-Friendly

10 Ways To A Zero-Waste Kitchen

Posted by Troy Scott on 26 August

There is growing interest among families in Northern California and elsewhere to aim for a zero-waste kitchen. While becoming waste-free is a work in progress, it is possible to make major improvements relatively simply.

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Topics: Eco-Friendly

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