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Artificial Grass Ideas for Urban Dwellers



You love living in the city. It’s so vibrant, day and night. It’s cosmopolitan. Diverse. Everything you could possibly want is just a few steps – or a ride share – away. Except, to be honest, you do miss that big lawn you grew up with. Sure, your urban nirvana has parks, and they have grass, doggie play spaces, etc. But if only you could have grass where you live.

Once again, we say let’s hear it for artificial grass!

Artificial grass is urban chic at its finest. No matter what your dwelling is like, there’s a grassy idea just right for your abode. Picture it now . . . summer parties and barbecues, catching some warm rays on a sunny winter’s day, just giving your balcony or teeny tiny garden apartment a bit of year-round greenery...now we’re talking.

When lawn isn’t out of the question

Just because you reside in the “urban jungle” doesn’t mean you have no yard. Many urban neighborhoods feature single family homes with front lawns, although yours may be postage stamp size. If you have a backyard with room for a lawn, too, you’re really lucky. But who wants to invest in a mower and all the other stuff you need to maintain a natural grass lawn? Not to mention, where would you store all that? And how would you excuse the watering in these days of sustainability concerns?

Forget that.

Artificial grass gives you all the gorgeous upside without any of the ugly downside. You can save time, save money, and take pride in being a proactive champion of the environment. You can use artificial grass as counterpoint to offset minimalist landscape plantings, or establish a little lawn that serves as centerpiece to create a lovely, small-scale, urban-smart garden.

Rooftop garden or R&R space

OK, so you have place for a traditional lawn, regardless of size. No worries, artificial grass doesn’t require soil so it doesn’t require ground-level installation. You can use it to create a rooftop garden or recreation space instead. Think lawn, putting green, bocce ball court, or all three, depending on the size of your roof. (Artificial grass is far lighter than natural grass, and it drains super-efficiently, so it’s the best choice for rooftops.)

Or, if you’re like tens of thousands of other urbanites, your dwelling might be a high-rise. You have neither front yard nor rooftop, but you do have a balcony. Green that thing up with artificial grass. It will look prettier and feel softer underfoot. A few pots of flowers, herbs, grasses, a blueberry bush or petite tree, and you have an instant “backyard.”

Not even a balcony?

Many urban dwellers find themselves in an apartment with no functional outdoor space at all. Thank heavens artificial grass grows just as well indoors as outside! Cut a swath to carpet a room or create an area rug. It can be any shape you want. Cover your coffee table with artificial grass. Or find a tall container you love, fill it with something lightweight, then plant artificial grass at the “soil line” on top, and -- voilà – you have a petite lawn to call your own.

In truth, lawn is just the most obvious option. There are almost unlimited things you can do with artificial grass indoors.

No matter where you put it, artificial grass is easy care and easy on the eyes. Even a few square feet can deliver barefoot, toe-wiggling perfection. It softens the hard lines and surfaces of urban structures and makes virtually any space a feel a bit homier.

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