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Creative Uses For Artificial Grass Inside Your Home


artificial grass used as wall and floor covering for home interior.Love the look and feel of lush lawn grass? Who doesn’t?! That’s why so many people are now taking advantage of the fun and functional ways you can use artificial grass inside your home as well as outdoors. Artificial grass is the no-muss-no-fuss solution to virtually any landscaping challenge. Indoors, it is equally user-friendly. And just as versatile.

Here are some ideas to help bring out your inner interior designer.

Cover Your Floors the Grassy Way

Carpet and other traditional flooring options are OK, but they’re so been-there-done-that. What if you want something entirely different? Artificial grass is the easy answer. And when we say easy, we aren’t kidding. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to enjoy.

Artificial grass always looks perfect – and perfectly beautiful. It’s soft and fluffy, just the thing for wiggling your toes. It’s super-tough, long-lasting, and stain resistant in the extreme. Here at Heavenly Greens, we’ve tried everything we can think of to stain our artificial grass, but the turf always comes out a winner. That makes it a great flooring for your most active rooms – kids’ bedrooms, bonus room, man cave, basement, etc. In fact, compared to carpet, artificial grass can actually be the cleaner choice for some areas around your house.

And don’t forget the treads on your stairs. Or your sunroom or screen porch. You can also create a seamless indoor-outdoor look by extending your grassy carpet onto the patio, or an upstairs balcony.

Any Surface, Any Shape

While it’s obvious you can use artificial grass to jazz up any floor, that’s just the beginning. After all, the fake stuff doesn’t grow, so you can put it on walls, the ceiling, your rooftop – literally on any surface, flat or not. Now you can really get creative.

Don’t want wall-to-wall grass? Cut it into any shape you like. Fear not, it won’t fray. Sure, you can go with the traditional rectangular area rug or a long hallway runner, but what about round? Or star-shaped? How ‘bout a sheep shape for a fun fake “sheepskin” rug?

Better yet, why not make a 3D sheep out of chicken wire and cover it with grass? Or create some zero-maintenance topiaries to add a sophisticated touch to your entryway or fireplace?

Frame a mirror – or a series of photos. Cover the cushion on your window seat. Make a table runner or placemats for a spring brunch or dinner party.

Grass Green Doesn’t Match Your Décor?

Mother Nature’s grass comes in just one color, but our Heavenly Greens synthetic turf comes in any color you want. So if green doesn’t really “grow” on you as an interior option, go with something else.

  • Make a big red heart for a Valentine’s Day welcome mat.
  • Plant a grassy corporate logo in your office lobby – on the floor, or on the wall.
  • Pick pink, purple, blue or gold for the kids’ rooms.
  • Or make a multi-color checkerboard or other design – for instance, you could use green with white stripes to create your own indoor football field.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to try one (or several) fake grass projects inside your home. But let’s talk about your yard for a minute. If you haven’t already installed an artificial grass lawn, or you’d rather add a putting green or bocce court outside than in the basement, give us a call. Our Heavenly Greens turf experts can help you create the design of your dreams, and we can get it in place in time to make 2019 the year of maximum fun and relaxation for your entire family.

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