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50 Shades Of Green: Synthetic Turf Gives Owners A Variety Of Choices


Shades Of Green: Synthetic Turf Lawns Give Homeowners A Variety Of Color Choices http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/synthethic-turf-lawns-give-homeowners-variety-of-color-choice @heavenlygreensGrass is green. Everybody knows that. But, look more closely and you’ll see not all grass is “greener.” Mother Nature uses a seemingly unlimited palette of shades of green to give our natural surroundings visual depth and character. From nearly-black to palest gray, trees, shrubs, flowering plants and, yes, grasses come in every imaginable shade of green.



Heavenly Greens synthetic turf is made to look just like the real thing. That’s why we like to say it comes in 50 shades of green. Does our artificial grass actually come in that many different shades? Well, not quite. But you’ll be surprised at the range. And when you look at the pictures – or better yet, visit our showroom to see our turf products in person – you’ll be amazed at how very different they look.


Not only the shades of green, but the textures

Different varieties of live grass look different from one another because they’re adapted to different climates and growing conditions. For example, some have chunky, wide, somewhat tough blades. Others have very fine, pointed blades that feel especially soft and inviting underfoot. Some varieties require full sun, others prefer shade.


What’s cool about synthetic turf is that you can have whatever look and feel you want, anywhere. Faux grass grows beautifully no matter where you put it, no matter what variety you choose. You can transform problem areas into perfection. And create an exquisitely beautiful – yet entirely livable – landscape. 


Artificial grass doesn’t even have to be green. It can be any color. So you could step out on a landscaping limb and install a green lawn with your initials or house number in a different color. Or maybe not – you want your neighbors to be green with envy, not wondering what’s gotten into you. But you could choose different shades of green for various locations around your home. One type and color for maximum front lawn curb appeal. Another for high-traffic play areas in back.


No matter what shade of green you choose, you can be confident your Heavenly Greens synthetic turf will be the highest quality and entirely safe for your family and pets. Non-toxic, allergen-free, and environmentally friendly, too. Some of our products have built-in special attributes such as extra-fast drainage for low areas in your yard that are prone to puddling or flooding, or where your dogs spend a lot of time. Or super-cushioned underlayment that gives kids extra protection from falls.


But who wants an all-green yard?

Natural landscapes are beautiful because they incorporate a variety of plant shapes and sizes as well as colors. Your yard will be most beautiful if you do the same, using trees, shrubs, and flowering annuals or perennials to provide definition and keep the eye interested. We know you’re determined to conserve water, but you’ll find a multitude of drought-resistant plants perfect for the perimeter of your faux lawn.


You can add color spots or waves of color by planting in containers, too. Veggies make lovely container gardens that are both eye-catching and palate-pleasing. Use pathways separate outdoor areas into “rooms,” add a bench under a shade tree where you can sit and relax or read – or simply wiggle your toes in the faux grass.


The more natural-looking your plantings, the more appealing your yard will be. Asymmetrical designs mimic nature and are more interesting. So arrange plants in groups, not rows. And plant them in uneven numbers. Whatever shade of green you choose for your faux lawn, it will provide a lush foundation for your landscape design.


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