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Benefits of Artificial Turf

Get All These Synthetic Grass Benefits for Your Lawn

Quality synthetic grass landscaping will provide you with much more than a green lawn and a means of conserving water. Installed correctly, your new lawn will be an investment in your property, enhancing your lifestyle by providing a beautiful and always available living space for your home.

  • Most Realistic Lawn Turf Available
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Pays For Itself In Water Savings
  • Great For Pets
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Drains Better Than Real Grass
  • Always ready for play
  • Professional Service With An Unrivaled Warranty

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Artificial Turf Benefits

Synthetic Turf Benefits Include a Lot More Free Time for You

Our customers are excited about how their lives have changed for the better since they invested in a Heavenly Greens synthetic grass lawn. They are amazed at the results and numerous benefits it provides, usually above their initial expectations. Imagine for yourself how much a beautiful, problem-free, green landscape would improve your family’s lifestyle.

  • No More Mowing
  • No More Watering
  • No More Mud or Grass Blades Tracked in the House
  • No More Puddles

Not Your Father’s AstroTurf!

Synthetic turf has come a long way in the last twenty years. The same characteristics that make our synthetic grass a great solution for sports fields would make it a smart solution for your yard!


San Carlos Artificial GrassConcerned about fading?

With a synthetic lawn, you can eliminate your residential landscaping issues and the expense of watering and maintaining a traditional lawn. You’ll always have a beautiful, maintenance-free lawn that pays for itself AND increases the value of your home in the process!


Besides resolving the array of traditional landscaping problems, investing in a synthetic lawn provides lifestyle enhancement by having a yard that is always available, is never in dire condition, is good for the environment, and saves our precious water resources


benefits of artificial turf benefits of artificial turf
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