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Make a Statement

Every corporate office bears the company logo and name, typically on traditional signage. But if your company is looking to stand out from the crowd, consider rendering your logo in Heavenly Greens artificial grass. The versatility of fake grass can give your façade or entire building greater visibility, stronger branding and a unique look that will certainly draw interest.



How Can We Help?

Visibility from all angles

We can create custom-matched colors to produce your logo on synthetic turf. Your logo can be placed within your lawn – also installed using Heavenly Greens artificial grass, of course – whether the lawn is out front or on your roof. You’ll attract more attention from visitors and passersby, and anyone flying over or using Google Earth will see your logo, too.


Since fake grass can be cut to any shape, we can also mount your name or logo on the wall, indoors or outside. Why not make it 3D? Veterinary clinics can cover animal shapes with synthetic turf or auto dealers could cover a car.   


Why use Heavenly Greens artificial grass for your logo?

  • Enhance your visibility

  • Reinforce your branding

  • Make a memorable statement

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