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Artificial Grass for Dogs at Pet Facilities

When you go on vacation and have to leave Fido behind, what do you look for in a dog care facility? After cleanliness, a safe environment and a friendly and helpful staff, pet care places should always provide a great yard for their canine charges to enjoy. Give a dog a nice green lawn, and they can sniff, scratch, dig, nose, race, romp and rumble. They can lie in the shade, chase squirrels, bark up trees and more. A large expanse of lawn makes for very happy puppies! 

Real grass dead spots with dogs Artificial grass means a green lawn, even with dohs

However, how many pet care facilities have you come across where the yard is an absolute wreck--half dirt, rocks and weeds? The wear and tear that occurs in places like pet care facilities, humane societies, and even dog owners’ backyards can be devastating to lawns. Urine spots, digging, bald areas and general trampling can quickly diminish a lush, healthy yard. The pains a dog care facility must take to maintain a healthy and attractive outdoor play area can be too much for them to handle. That’s why you should look to places with Diamond Certified Heavenly Greens artificial grass for your dog care needs.

Heavenly Greens’ artificial grass can help facilitate energetic pets AND maintain a beautiful yard they can run around in. 80% of our customers are dog owners and/or pet care facilities such as the Humane Society, pet hotels, pet clinics and kennels and more around San Francisco, San Jose, Oceanside, Lafayette, Danville, Milpitas, Navato and more.


With numbers like these, it’s obvious that Heavenly Greens is what the pet experts prefer! Our artificial grass has an even better drainage system than real grass, plus it is anti-microbial, non-toxic and fertilizer free. Not only is Heavenly Greens artificial grass a healthy choice for pets, our FieldTurf is expected to have a 20-25 year life expectancy. Our warranty guarantees our grass won’t fade or fall apart, and it will look great for years to come—even with the abuse dogs can give it. 


In fact, Heavenly Greens is the official artificial turf provider for the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Milpitas location. Not only does HSSV now boast a gorgeous facility for the animals it cares for, it has also earned a Gold level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for its environmentally-friendly FieldTurf sold and installed by Heavenly Greens.


Read our FAQ to discover all the places you can see and experience Heavenly Greens’ FieldTurf installations around the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Download our Q&A sheet to answer all your questions about artificial grass.

To read more about why Artificial Greens is great for pet facilities, check out this sheet, Artificial Grass for Pet Owners.

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