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How To Reduce Your Landscape Expenses At Your Event Venue


outdoor venue seating arrangement on artificial grass can reduce venue expensesThe cost of maintaining an event venue can be impressive. While it may be a business expense, don’t you wish you could reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of your facility? You can – and in a big way – by installing artificial grass. 

Your event venue has to look perfect at all times. Professional, yet inviting. Comfortable. A place where folks look forward to visiting as a guest at your functions. Landscaping is the first thing people see as they arrive. For outdoor venues, landscaping is the centerpiece of your facility. And the centerpiece of your landscape is most likely an expansive lawn.

Whether the grass is there strictly to adorn an indoor venue or as a staging area for events, your lawn has to be lush, vibrant, and ready to “work.” So why does faux work better?

Artificial grass requires far less upkeep than natural grass  

A huge chunk of your landscape budget relates to your lawn. Not only are the tasks associated with lawn maintenance time-consuming, they are expensive. With artificial grass, you can eliminate virtually all of these costly issues:

  • Frequent mowing and edging. That means you also eliminate the expense of purchasing, maintaining, and warehousing the necessary equipment.
  • Chemicals that natural grass requires to remain healthy and fend off pests and diseases. Many of these chemicals are harmful to the environment, and the residues they leave behind can also be harmful to guests, including triggering allergies or skin reactions.
  • Weed removal, whether manual or chemical.
  • Left-behind clippings, wet grass, and resulting muddy spots are not guest-friendly. And unpleasant experiences can damage your venue’s reputation as a must-book-there space.
  • Water! This expense just keeps going up, while water restrictions just keep going up as well. It doesn’t compute, in more ways than one. Whether your lawn is smallish and decorative or serves as a vast foundation for venue activities, you’re spending significant money on water if you have natural grass. That doesn’t bode well for your reputation, either, in these days of sustainability-consciousness.

With natural grass, all these things costs you dearly in labor, equipment upkeep, supplies, and ambience. Have you ever taken the time to total what you do spend on the grassy aspects of your landscape maintenance each year? Most property owners are shocked when they do this.

Artificial grass makes more aesthetic sense, too

Natural grass is difficult to maintain in pristine condition no matter how hard you work at it. Over time, the expanse can develop dips and humps from settling. That can reduce visual appeal, and it can make set-up or simply enjoying the grass no fun.

In drought or even normally dry conditions, natural grass protects itself by trying to go dormant, becoming yellowed and even developing dead-looking spots. If you allow dogs to attend any of your events, grass can become yellowed for other reasons as well. The result is hardly inviting or comfortable, certainly not the professional looking presence you need to attract new and returning guests.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, always looks as fabulous as the day it was installed, for many years, with minimal upkeep. And thanks to the long list of expenses you can eliminate, faux grass pays for itself in surprisingly short time. With all the money you save, you can direct more cash and people-power toward marketing or other revenue-building activities. So you might even say artificial grass helps your event venue make money as well as save money.

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